The Best NBA Apps

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If you’re a basketball fan, the NBA season is probably one of your favourite times of the year. The draft is entertaining, then the regular season fills us with excitement, but nothing compares to the highs and lows of watching teams battle their way through the playoffs. Fans often participate in the action by checking the odds to see how their favourite teams stack up against the competition. Sportsbooks like Bet365 offer a wide range of free bets, so they can check out their site before investing any money. Besides betting, sports apps are an indispensable part of the NBA. Keep reading to learn about the best ones for keeping track of the season and beyond. 


ESPN is probably the biggest name in sports, covering all important sporting events, including the NBA playoffs and finals. The main reason to download this app is to get the latest scores, stats, and updates on your favourite teams. If you follow more than the NBA, you’ll also find the same information on the WNBA, college basketball, and more. Plus, the ESPN app is an excellent choice if you participate in fantasy basketball. If you have an ESPN TV subscription, you can use the app’s WatchESPN function to watch sporting events live on your mobile devices or gaming console. You can also upgrade to ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+, to get access to all types of sports, including basketball. When it comes to news, commentary, and streaming, the ESPN app is hard to beat.


If you want an app dedicated exclusively to the NBA, then the NBA’s official app is also a must-have download. It’s the ultimate place to access everything you need to know about the league. The app allows you to choose your favorite teams and players and follow their stats and performance in every game. There’s also quite a bit of reading material to keep you up to date on happenings across the league. You can also stream press conferences, interviews, and highlights via the app. If you upgrade to the NBA League Pass, you can watch games live on any device. 


If you want to socialize or commiserate with other NBA fans during the playoffs, Reddit is probably the best app for that. You can join your favourite team’s subreddit and analyze playoff games with other fans. You’ll also find the latest stats posted in the subreddit r/NBA in addition to individual team subreddits. Redditors post news from various sources all over the web, plus a lot of word-of-mouth information you won’t find anywhere else. Best of all, the app is free unless you choose to pay for an ad-free experience.