Pharrell, Cash In Cash Out: inside the meaning of the lyrics

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Cash In Cash Out is the new song released by Pharrell Williams and it belongs to the recent series of collaboration with Tyler, The Creator. The song has also the contribution of 21 Savage and it was released with an astonishing videoclip made with CGI animation that renders the effect of zoetrope animation. Pharrell made only the beat of the song, with trap/dubstep echoes, and left the vocal scene to the two rappers. And of course people wanted to read the complete lyrics and understand the meaning of the song. In this article we will analize the main lines.

Below you can find the official video of the song.

Pharrell Williams - Cash In Cash Out (Official Video) ft. 21 Savage, Tyler, The Creator

Cash In Cash Out: the meaning of the lyrics

As it often happens, hip hop is all about bragging and showing off. In this song the two rappers, Tyler The Creator and 21 Savage, described in detail their fancy life style, made of luxury items and expensive comforts, a symbol of their success, that works also as a confirmation of their talent. Cash In Cash Out is a long series of lines that describe the expensive life of hip hop stars.

The symbols of their wealth are numerous: Louis Vuitton shirts (abbreviated into Louis V), Chanel, jewels (like the yellow one mentioned by Tyler The Creator in the second verse), Richard Mille, and a long list of expensive cars like Rolls Royce (Double R), Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Bentley and so on.

The rappers are not trying to trigger jealousy on their peers. It’s not about getting rich to prove a point. They look like just describing how that world look like if you are at the top level. Even though 21 Savage admits that being rich changes you somehow, they are trying to do good things with that money.

Money turned me to a a**holе
I ain’t gon’ lie, I was used to being poor 

Mama got a Benz, she smiled
Then she got a house, she cried

Pharrell made this so it’s a million dollar beat

Being rich allows you to live life the way you want and enjoy the things you like. In Tyler’s part, he explaines how he turned off a $2.5 million because he didn’t like the stage:

I got offered two-point-five for the last show
I declined ’cause the stage didn’t match my ethos

Besides money, which starting from the song title is the real protagonist of the verses, also sex is a symbol of their success, and it’s mentioned in a couple of images, sometimes explicit. But after all, the real meaning of Cash In Cash Out is this: Pharrell, Tyler and 21 Savage are rich, talented artists that made it. The world works this way and they want everybody to know how it is. Good or bad, is a judgement left to the listener.

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The complete lyrics

Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out
Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out

Ridin’ in the car with no keys (Straight up)
Louis V shirt with no sleeves (On God)
Slaughter gang, n***a, I’m reppin’ (21)
Chopper get to preachin’, I’m the reverend (21)
Call him New Era, he cappin’ (Yeah)
Them the type of n***as I ain’t dappin’ (On God)
When I book a show, make my backend cashin’
21, Uncle Sam, dawg, I’m taxin’

Ridin’ in the coupe and it’s a sport (Yeah)
My bodyguard look like a horse (Straight up)
She gon’ suck me up like it’s a chore (On God)
Took the La Ferrari on a tour (21)
Buy a Richard Mill’ when I get bored (Bored)
Put my sidepiece inside a Porsche (A Porschе)
Money turned me to a a**holе

I ain’t gon’ lie, I was used to being poor (21)

I put Chanel on my feet
European model got Chanel on my seats
Put me in a third world country in the middle of the slums
I’ma turn it to a million dollar street (Oh, for real)
Pharrell made this so it’s a million dollar beat (Straight up)
V12, VVS, I fell in love with Vs (Straight up)
Walk in your section, you ain’t reppin’ ’bout nothin’
My invoice gon’ be a million dollar fee (On God)

Hop in a Bentley and slide (And what?)
Reach for my chain and you die (Say what?)
You know my method, I’ma turn your shirt red, man
Then see your a_ out high (On God)
Mama got a Benz, she smiled (21)
Then she got a house, she cried (21)
N***a took the stand, he lied
Held court in the streets and they gave his a_ life

I’m gettin’ bigger and bigger (And what?)
Your pockets littler than little (21)
Put a hundred bands on your head
Now they jumpin’ up and down playin’ monkey in the middle
She swallow all my kids, she a bad babysitter
Kim Jong-Un, in my pants is a missile
Friend of the family, I hit all the sisters
The mama love me so she hid all my pistols (Straight up)

Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out
Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out

Nah, I ain’t heard of that, I hit the beach in a furry hat
She got a guy but she purrin’ back, I’m lookin’ like, “Where he at?”
N***a, get out the way (Way), that girl my bae (Hey)
Rock on my hand, nah, this ain’t Dwayne (Hey, hey)
This s**t neon yellow like pee on it (Hey, hey)
Goin’ both sides yeah, you could say I’m B-I (Hey, hey)

Got whips like slaves, the garage like, “Yee-haw”
Horses, more car keys than a piano
And one came with an umbrella like Rihanna
N***a, let’s be honest (Umm), be honest
Track needed life, n***a, so they put me on it (Yeah, yeah)
N***a, you don’t be on who be on, and 2-1 got 3 K’s (Yeah)
I think he just might put a sheet on it (Yeah, yeah)
Ice so white, mot***er, you could ski on it (Switch it up)

Look, any stone I’m in, no less than six digits (Yo, what up, stoner?)
Beep go the Rolls, right-side, I sit in (Come on man)
Tick go the watch, it came with a dent in it (Come again)
And skrrt on a plane, just me and my b*** in it (Yo)
(They was talkin’ ’bout a hundred million, baby)
Just know it’s big business
Hands stay full with them racks like hit tennis (Woo)
And no money, phone account, go get interest

Aw (Aw), you got that back end from the back door
I got offered two-point-five for the last show (Last show, n***a)
I declined ’cause the stage didn’t match my ethos
(Hmm), they know that I’m sick with it
Look, player, what you wanna do? (Ooh)
Me, I don’t like violence but the guns do (Ooh)
‘Cause that gorilla right there, he gon’ hunt you (Ooh)
While me and my bitch countin’ stars out the sunroof (Ooh)

And if you wanna flick up, I don’t want to (Ooh)
And if you say “No cap,” I ain’t trust you (Ooh)
N***a, I’m the headline, you a plus one (Ooh)
I got some brand new thoughts
And a new silk scarf, and my b*** do too (Too)
Double R talk and I got like two (Two)
Turbo on that b*** and it hit like zoom (Zoom)
In the mirror, who that n***a? I’m like, “You” (You)
Any time I do something, m*****s like, “Oof, Oof”

Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out
Cash in, cash out, cash in, cash out