Two (Dos) ending explained: what’s the point of the movie?

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This article reveals the explained plot and the detailed events in 2021 movie Two (Dos) directed by Mar Targarona, revealing its meaning, symbols and storyline. We recommend you to read it only after watching the movie, and not before, in order to preserve the pleasure of the first vision.

Two can be defined as a horror film outside the traditional canons. Short and based on a simple but scary concept: two strangers wake up one day and are stitched together across their abdomens, like Siamese twins, in a room they don’t recognize, and they must be able to move and find out what’s going on.

The plot of the movie

The protagonists are Sara and David. Sara is a woman with a violent husband with whom she has been fighting for a few weeks, while David is a man who works as a gigolo by profession, with some crime on his criminal record. The two initially do not seem to have anything in common, but we will soon discover that they are temperamentally similar: both show that they are people who hate being alone, David is very attached to his dog while Sara married a man full of obsessions to avoid being alone. This aspect of their character also emerges in the fact that it takes little time for the two to kiss and show affection for the mere fact of being there: both need to love and be loved.

Just as they kiss, they realize that every time they do it, the bedroom lights are turned off. So they understand that this bothers the kidnapper who sewed them. At that moment they still believe that behind all this is Sara’s husband, obsessed with her number two, who wants to punish her by physically tying her to a gigolo to make her feel dirty and guilty of betrayal. To provoke the kidnapper, the two begin to kiss and have sex, and immediately the kidnapper bursts into the room: he is masked as Sara’s husband but it is not him. They manage to push him, stun him and exit the room, where they will discover the truth.

Two explained: the ending, the meaning and the symbols

The movie poster

David and Sara discover that they are Siamese twins separated at birth, a truth that has been hidden from them throughout their lives. The kidnapper is their father, whom they have never known, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Their mother had died in childbirth. The father has kidnapped Sara’s husband and interacting with him and his obsession with the number two, he realized that the two could live a worthy life only if they were tied like two Siamese twins, compensating for the needs of each other. As a reference, he often mentions the Bunker brothers, the Siamese twins from which this expression takes its name (they were originally from Siam), who lived a happy life linked to each other until death.

The kidnapping and sewing of their bodies was therefore a foolish attempt by their father to make them happy. According to him, both are too weak individuals to survive alone, while united they are perfect. The film intends to provide small clues that behind her father’s crazy reasoning there is a grain of truth from some character elements: Sara needs a man in her life who makes her feel loved and safe (for this reason she hastily chose the man she married) and has an insatiable need for love. David instinctively tends to give love to those around him: we can see it on how he reacts to every moment of Sara’s difficulty, instinctively kissing her. The two need to be dependent on someone. In his father’s perverse plan, by sewing them together this addiction would be satisfied forever, and the two could lead a complete life together.

Obviously, the two have no intention of living the rest of their lives as Siamese twins. They manage to separate themselves, bleeding profusely. The two shoot their father, but David is shot in the leg, and Sara leaves the house to seek help. But she is naked, and it’s snowing outside, so she falls to the ground. The two die at the same time and the film closes with the Yin and Yang symbol: a significant metaphor that alludes to the way they other could complement each other, and to the presence of good and evil in both, which could have compensated each other in order to become united and complete.

What is the point of the movie Dos?

The film then tells a heinous act of a psychopathic person, convinced that he is doing something for the good of her two children. The certainty that they will not survive if separated thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and, ultimately, a deception: by tying them together, the father weakens them to the point that separating kills them. The fact that they die does not prove the father’s thesis. The emotional addictions they have in life can actually be manageable, and are actually caused by the disappearance of their parents when they were born.

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