Chanel J12 watch: who’s the actress in last commercial?

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There are commercials that remain impressed for their simplicity and that seriously manage to stimulate curiosity and the desire to buy in those who see it. One of those is surely the Chanel J12 series, the collection of watches from the French fashion brand that over the years has shown a simple and direct way to promote products: calling famous actresses to speak in front of the screen in a spontaneous and sincere way, explaining their relationship with time, or with watches.

Over time, the advertising series has accumulated a number of important faces. All advertisements are visible on the official page of the Chanel J12 series.

Who is the actress in the latest Chanel J12 watch commercial?

The latest actress to contribute to the Chanel commercials series was Margot Robbie in mid 2021. The American actress famous for great modern films like The Wolf of Wall Street and Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood explains to the camera that the most important decisions of her life, as an actress, were made in a split second. “It’s all about seconds.”

Margot Robbie and the New J12 Watch. It's All About Seconds — CHANEL Watches

Who are the other faces?

Over the years, many other famous faces have followed in the Chanel J12 advert series. Those presented on the official page of the Chanel site are Lily Rose-Depp, Naomi Campbell and Liu Wen. The other names involved by Chanel for the series are Keira Knightley, Claudia Schiffer, Ali MacGraw, Vanessa Paradis, Carole Bouquet, Anna Mouglalis and, to cover the male part, William Chan.