What’s the song in the new Hyundai Santa Fe 2022 commercial?

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It’s one of the recent adverts that remains stuck in everybody’s mind after seeing it a couple of times, and the merit is mainly of the music behind it. We are talking about the new commercial released by Hyundai in 2022, that promotes the Hyundai Santa Fe under the slogan “It’s your journey. Own it.”

The video of the commercial has not yet been released officially by Hyundai standard channels, but people remember it by heart for the song that accompanies the commercial. “Cause a scene” and “welcome to the future” the words that people keep looking, trying to find out what’s the song.

The interesting part is that the song is not an official song of any famous artists that you can find in the common streaming services. As you can read in this recent reddit thread, the song is unknown to everybody.

But one of the users had a nice idea: he contacted directly Hyundai and asked the name of the producer who wrote the song and gave the usage rights to the car manifacturer. The answer has not yet been shared with the rest of the world.

We don’t know yet the name of the artists, but if the interest got so high about it, there could be a chance that an official song, or at least a name, will come out in next days. We’ll keep you updated!