Here the song of the new Just Eat commercial with Katy Perry

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It was released in mid-May 2022 and it’s already going viral all around the world, because it’s Katy Perry’s exceptional contribution to Just Eat’s advertising series “Did Somebody Say”, in which world-famous artists write a short jingle that will be the background to the commercials of the famous delivery service. Before her it was Snoop Dogg, now it is the American pop singer who has taken over this important media stage.

The original video of the Just Eat commercial is below. You’ll see Katy Perry as an happy housewife with a lot of make-up and zero worries.

Just Eat & Katy Perry | Did Somebody Say

The lyrics of the song

The song gives voice to the thoughts of a normal person who orders food at home, with a cheerful mood and a lot of lightheartedness. No hidden meanings, just some verses dedicated to the food delivery service and how it changed everybody’s life.

Here is the full lyrics:

Did somebody say Just Eat?
Ring ding dong , Ring a ding ding ding dong
Did somebody say Just Eat?

Want my curry in a hurry (medium spice)
Extra sauce on the low (boo won’t know)
And I want açai
Yeah, yeah, yeah when I’m ordering delivery

A little sushi while I watch a movie
Papaya salad while I sing a ballad
Need some ice cream, make it a swirl
Gotta treat this California girl

When you’re running low there’s only one place to go
Cuz I get what I want, when I want it
Margherita with extra cheese on it
Download now all I gotta do is pull out my phone
Easy 1, 2, 3 … mocha-whip triple-shot, it means a latte to me

Back from the club (sandwich)
Eating subs in the tub (famished)
Spicy chicken when I’m ready
Bon appetit from me, Katy Perry

Did somebody say Just Eat?