Better Call Saul 6 Episode 6 explained: what happens on the D-day?

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Better Call Saul fans are at a crucial point in the series: episode 6 of the last season, released on May 16th, is the second last before the hiatus of mid-season. There will be a 7th one, which will be released on May 23rd, then the series will take a break until July, when the last 6 episodes will be released, closing the season on August 15th.

After watching episode 6 some questions emerge, especially related to what is going on between Saul, Kim and the infamous D-day in which the episode ends. There are several theories that explain the events, below we present the one that seems the most plausible, also supported by the trailer for the next episode, that you can find below.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 "Mid Season Finale" Promo | Trailer

What will happen on the D-day?

The D-day is a fundamental day in the evolution of the Sandpiper case, in which the mediation hearing will take place, chaired by Judge Casimiro. Saul and Kim are setting the stage very carefully for something big to come: all the false evidence sown during season six that aim to discredit Howard will culminate in what happens in episode 7.

In episode 6 Saul shows up with an actor who looks a lot like Judge Casimiro. At the end of the episode, Saul discovers with great surprise that Judge Casimiro has a broken arm and this sends him into a panic: in the car he observes the photos that have been taken of him and the fake Casimiro and it becomes clear that those photos are not credible, because the actor who plays Casimiro doesn’t have a broken arm.

What is happening?

The most plausible explanation is the following: the private investigator hired by Howard to spy on Saul actually works for Saul himself. His job is to give Howard photos and information that would lead him to believe that Saul is bribing Judge Casimiro in order to get the Sandpiper case closed as soon as possible, allowing Saul to collect his share. Combining this with the meeting between Saul, Kim and the vet, everything suggests that Saul is in possession of a substance that sends a person into hyper-arousal. The idea is that on the D-day, when Howard and Cliff take part in the mediation meeting in the presence of Judge Casimiro, Howard will be under the confused effects of that substance (which Saul will give him earlier in some way), and will have recently “discovered” that Saul has bribed Casimiro. It is therefore expected that he will go mad, publicly accusing Casimiro of being bribed. Casimiro will react strongly against Howard and this should lead to definitively discredit him and quickly close the case.

Why is Casimiro’s broken arm a problem?

The fact that Casimiro has a broken arm means that the photos taken in the past few days are no longer usable for that plan: if the private investigator were to show them to Howard, Howard would immediately understand that there is a big bluff underneath and could even put Saul in trouble. For this reason, at the end of the episode Saul calls Kim, tells her what he saw and explains that the plan is canceled, they will have to come up with something else. But Kim thinks it over well, makes a sharp U-turn and walks back. She has something in mind.

What does Kim have in mind?

Here we are in the field of hypotheses, but there is one that seems quite plausible. Kim had a broken arm earlier in Better Call Saul, so she could use her arm sling to re-shoot the photos between Saul and the fake Casimiro, in time for Howard to see them before the hearing. In the trailer above, Kim is clearly seen directing a scene, which must necessarily be the one set up for the new series of photos between Saul and Casimiro. At the beginning of the trailer we also see Saul running with an envelope in his hand, which presumably contains the new photos. And we also see Howard with dilated pupils. It would therefore seem that their plan will succeed, even if Kim in this way misses her meeting in Santa Fe.

Episode 7 of season 6 will be released in May 23rd. We’ll see if the theory was correct.