How to increase the ad revenue of a website: Google Adsense and Ezoic

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Do you have a website that receives regular traffic, and you are thinking about how you can make a profit or, in more technical jargon, monetize your website? Surely you have already evaluated the (not many) possibilities with which a website can produce regular income, including subscription services, product sales, and other options. And you will have noticed that the simplest method is to host advertising banners and obtain revenues based on the ads shown on the site.

It is the most popular method used by all websites. The most used platform for this purpose remains Google Adsense, which is easy to configure and allows the ability to place advertisements automatically, leaving it to its “auto-ads” function. Google is the world’s leading provider of advertising services, practically anyone who wants to advertise turns to Google, and it is obvious to use Google services to become a banner advertising publisher. But how much should one earn on average, and is there the possibility of increasing this source of income? Here are the answers.

How much does a website earn on average from Google Adsense?

The earnings with Google Adsense are not very high: they depend above all on the country from which you receive most of the traffic, as well as on the technology and platforms used by the readers.

If you have a website that receives traffic mainly from the United States, your earnings are most likely within a range that goes from 0.50$ to 3$ per thousand views. However, it also depends on the topics on your site, the audience, the period of the year, and how the advertisements are placed on your site. If you get traffic from other countries as well, you will find that gains from many countries are lower, a sign that more companies in the US spend on advertising.

How to increase advertising revenue?

However, there is a way to increase advertising revenue from a website. And you can do it by always staying with Google Adsense. One way that often works is to use a Google Adsense partner – an organization recognized by Google as credible and compliant with Adsense guidelines, considered to be an expert in maximizing Google advertising revenue through targeted placements, improvements of the appearance, and formats of advertisements. These tools encourage the user to continue browsing the website and improve its performance.

There are several. In this article, we will introduce one of the most popular Google Adsense partners in recent times: Ezoic.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a well-known Google Adsense partner experienced in improving Google advertising revenue. Adopting Ezoic on your website means maintaining your position as a publisher with Google Adsense but delegating the organization of banner placements to Ezoic. The ads on your site will always remain those of Google Adsense, but Ezoic will optimize the distribution to increase earnings. Ezoic does that through advanced machine learning techniques, which will display advertisements in a more personalized way based on the type of reader, encouraging them to stay on the site and continue browsing. All this will happen transparently for your site, and Ezoic will receive part of this revenue while ensuring that your earnings are higher.

How much can website earnings increase by integrating Google Adsense with Ezoic? The average increase in earnings is about 60-70% more, with exceptional cases in which revenues can even triple.

What are the benefits of Ezoic? Let’s try to make a short list:

  • Simplicity: Once the website adopts Ezoic, you hardly have to do anything else. Their experts take care of guiding the ad placements on your site. And they don’t need to act on your site’s code, the content and the website stays under your control.
  • Quality support: You will have a referral consultant who will support you when you need it
  • Additional tools: adopting Ezoic also means being able to take advantage of some essential tools, such as their Leap platform with many functions aimed at making sites faster, or as various tools to manage the SEO of the site, as well as, of course, a complete reporting platform for analyzing the distribution of earnings.
  • Continuous training: Ezoic also offers free weekly workshops and webinars on all topics useful for the management and optimization of your website

The requirements to adopt Ezoic are simple: you must already be a Google Adsense publisher and have at least 10 thousand visitors per month. If your site has both, you can request more information or start the registration on Ezoic at this link or by clicking on the banner below. And one of their consultants will explain everything.

Most Ezoic customers are satisfied with the increase in revenue. It is worth a try to see how much the earnings increase in your case.