Huggy Wuggy songs: the story and the meaning of the lyrics

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Huggy Wuggy is an inexplicable trend that has exploded among children in the last month, internationally. A phenomenon that, especially among English-speaking nations, has aroused concern among the parents of young children: because the puppet so beloved by children has a history that is not exactly compatible with young ages, being a character in a horror video game, with a row of sharp teeth, who wants to hug you without good intentions.

It is at least odd that a genuine horror subject has been adapted to be enjoyed by children, and that scares the parents. And simply a passion for the puppet is not enough: there is a series of songs with catchy melodies that children want to hear, and whose lyrics hide a threatening meaning. Among the English-speaking nations, parents are repeatedly flagging videos on Youtube and TikTok in order to be blocked by parental controls, but one way or another they get to the children. And it becomes interesting to understand the original lyrics and their meaning, in order to be aware of what the children would be listening to.

Huggy Wuggy Theme Song

There are several songs from Huggy Wuggy, some made by the creators of the video game and others made by fans, but the most catchy for children is the theme song. You can find it below, in the repeated one hour long version.

Huggy Wuggy 1 hour Version

The lyrics in this case are short and only partially scary:

His name is Huggy, Huggy Wuggy
When he hugs you, he’ll never stop
Your friend Huggy, Huggy Wuggy
He’ll squeeze you until you pop

Nothing too explicit in this case. However, there is a longer and more articulated song, the lyrics of which are much more direct.

Free Hugs, the other Huggy Wuggy song

HUGGY WUGGY SONG "Free Hugs" (Poppy Playtime)

This song has much longer lyrics, of which we report only some excerpts. Huggy Wuggy’s threatening intention is clearer here.

You are my purpose
And I know that you’re worth it
I can tell this for certain
I was built for your embrace

Cause I could just hug you here
Forever, forever
Till you breathe your last breath
Together, together
So stay still while I give you these

The second stanza in particular clearly shows the scary side of Huggy Wuggy (if you know the meaning of the lyrics):

No time for wasting
Sick and tired of the chasing
I’ve been waiting so patient
With a smile and open arms
And my teeth sharp and ready
In my grasp, yeah, they’re deadly
Let me hold you already
Find my way into your heart

Get Your Hug, another Huggy Wuggy song


This is the last of Huggy Wuggy’s most popular songs. In this song too, the puppet aims to capture its prey, and the intention to kill it is explicit. Here too the lyrics are very long, we report some excerpts. Starting with the chorus:

Run, run from your creation
Or your life will change its station
Work where the moonlight doesn’t reach
Toy with life and you’ll hear us screech
Made, made your own demons
We’ll never go out of season
You’ll die in this concrete grave you dug
Toy with Huggy and you get your hug

Even some other stanzas get creepy:

What’s the time
It’s always time to play
Now you ask what’s the rhyme
You won’t like what we say
Will you survive
That’s for you to decide
Now you ask will you die
Well just go run and hide

There is therefore no multiple interpretation behind the lyrics of Huggy Wuggy, it is a horror monster who wants to kill those who he captures. The sharp-toothed appearance is therefore consistent with the character. Yet it is hugely popular among children, and parents find themselves at a crossroads: to veto (and thus make the forbidden object even more fascinating in the eyes of children) or to show indifference (and let the children love the killer puppet with sharp teeth)?