Will this game of Bingo lead you to the riches at the end of the rainbow?

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We’ve all gazed up at a rainbow and wished we could somehow travel to the end to see if there really is a little leprechaun digging up a pot of gold. Well, in the Rainbow Riches franchise, you’ll have to wish no more, because the famous leprechaun Larry o’ Leary will be waiting for you deep within the countryside of the Emerald Isle to see if the luck of the Irish really is on your side.

If you’re familiar with the Rainbow Riches titles, you’ve probably seen or even played one of the many iconic slot games, but did you know that you can now venture over the rainbow into a Rainbow Riches-themed online Bingo hall?

Read on to find out more.

Rainbow Riches

The first Rainbow Riches slot game was launched in 2008, providing avid players with more ways to win than ever. The game boasted a strong brand identity, with the theme and jackpot making it stand out from all other fruit machines across the UK. Famously set in the beautiful Irish countryside, the franchise has expanded throughout the world of Slots to provide players with unique ways to play. Not only are there many variations of the slot game, as well as Bingo, but you can also play Rainbow Riches Slingo – a hybrid game combining both Slots and Bingo!

Game Prizes

When you look out onto the rolling hills that set the scene within the Rainbow Riches Bingo room, you’ll see that there are two standard prizes to be won: the 1 Clover prize and the House prize. To win the 1 Clover prize, you must have had all four numbers on a single clover called. For reference, a ticket consists of two four-leaf clovers, with a number on each section of the clover leaf, and a strip consists of five tickets. To win the House prize, you must have all the numbered sections on both the clover leaves on a single ticket called.

The value of the prizes in each game is decided by the number of tickets that are purchased per game. There’s a minimum guaranteed prize amount, so any tickets purchased will just add to this.

The Fixed Jackpot

It might be down to the leprechaun’s magic, but you might come across some Rainbow Clovers during the game. At the end of the game, Larry o’ Leary the leprechaun moves along a rainbow. He moves one step per each Rainbow Clover that’s been found. The rainbow has 50 steps, and whilst only two Rainbow Clovers can be drawn per game, the leprechaun just keeps going, starting from the beginning again each time he makes it to the end of the rainbow.

There are certain prize pots at points along the rainbow, so you don’t have to find the end of the rainbow to discover the riches! At the 10th step is the Bronze prize pot, the 25th step holds the Silver prize pot, and the Gold prize pot sits on the 50th step.

Wishing Well Collection Prize

If all that wasn’t enough, then you’ll be glad to know that upon collection of 40 coins, and in each game where you buy at least five tickets, you’ll activate the Wishing Well feature. Earlier in the game, you will have been asked to select a magic number, and if your magic number is called at any point during the main Bingo game, a gold coin is added to your total.

If you manage to bag the Wishing Well Collection Prize, five coins will be credited to your account, with 2.50 coins going towards gameplay in the Rainbow Riches Bingo room, and 2.50 coins giving you the chance to further boost your bankroll with the help of Larry o’ Leary in the classic Slots!