Self-edit your essay with these 11 apps

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College essays are the biggest challenge for most undergrads. Writing and editing an essay for a class requires students to have a great command of both the English language and writing skills. The point here is that it is not your ideas and thoughts that your professor is going to evaluate. It is also important to organize and format your essay, research paper, dissertation, or any other assignment in a way that presents your viewpoint in a way that clearly conveys your ideas. But the good news is that there are some apps and websites that are designed to ease the process of editing and help you become an editor yourself. And if you are asking yourself: “shall I just do my assignment online?”, this article should help you find the answer.

1. Evernote

If you haven’t used Evernote for the editing part, it’s the right time to benefit from this online tool. The service allows students to do screenshots, keep notes, and arrange their ideas. When you’re assigned to compose a college essay, you will have all your research data, quotes, facts, and other ingredients of a top-notch paper gathered here in an easy-to-navigate interface. What is more, you can also save your folders online and use them from any other device with a stable online connection. You’re welcome to use browser extensions for the web as well.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great helper when it comes to essay editing, and you can’t boast of being good at grammar and spelling.

  • An online essay editor provides you with the opportunity to work in both British and American English.
  • It’s best for essays and term papers that should include Oxford comma rules.
  • If you use the website for free, you will edit your piece to eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • “I need someone to clarify my writing,” students say, and that’s where the paid version of Grammarly helps!

3. Slick Write

If you’re looking for professional-level proofreading for your essay, Slick Write could be an option. It detects stylistic and grammar mistakes and provides you with feedback options. You’re welcome to use a free downloadable extension of the product as well. Of course, if you first need help with the writing process, you can visit this page.

Slick Write offers detailed proofreading options and focuses on the essay structure, repetitions, word flow, and many other aspects of the written English language. The program also catches incorrect use of various terms and styles, as well as provides you with some stats that help you understand your writing better.

4. Cliché Finder

College and university students have to avoid clichés in their projects even though some of the phrases seem to be the best tools to express themselves. By using Cliché Finder, you will be notified if your essay or book review contains loads of clichés.

5. LanguageTool

LanguageTool provides extensions or/and add-ons for various word processors and web browsers. You’re welcome to use it for free. The free version offers one-click changes to polish up an essay of any complexity level.

6. Hemingway App

To make your writing clearer, use the Hemingway App. It will highlight the parts of your text with different colors to inform you what sentences are hard to read and what other issues should be fixed. The Hemingway App is a perfect option for busy students in need of a last-minute check of their works. What is more, the app provides a helpful indicator that shows the readability level of your text. If you’re required to compose an essay for a particular target audience, check the grade level indicator of the Hemingway App. Thus, you will see how old your readers should be to comprehend your writing.

7. Dragon Dictation

On the Dragon Dictation, you can easily write an essay through speech. If you have to go through your entire essay again in order to edit it, the Dragon Dictation app will help you cope with it faster if you already have a clear idea of the structure. The best thing about the app is that it helps you deal with the other apps.

8. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is there to detect issues with grammar, style, and spelling in your essays. By using AI techs, language processing, and open sources, the program easily identifies mistakes and provides suggestions. You can use Polish My Writing in WordPress and the majority of other online platforms. Thus, the tool is quite versatile.

9. Proofread Bot

This plug-in error checker offers some great Rules and Support Forum sections available on its website. If you check the Rules section, you will learn how to deal with the errors found in your essay and remember them in the future. When it comes to the Forum, you’re welcome to ask any sort of questions and get professional pieces of advice. Just post a sentence that you have problems with and online users will help you deal with it.

10. ProWritingAid

When it comes to ProWritingAid, this online editing tool is used to analyze texts and show the sections where the author overused certain words, made grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as chose inappropriate writing styles. Created to help you boost your prose, ProWritingAid is a trusted assistant when it comes to self-editing college papers.

11. MasterWriter

Meet a great thesaurus to boost your prose and vocabulary. Improve the quality of your prose with its rhyming dictionary, synonym finder, dictionary, word families, and so on. Feel free to use more than 10,000 world culture icons to add some imagery to your prose.

When it comes to writing a college essay, it seems like it is never done. However, with some intuitive and effective apps and websites, you will be able to hand in your work knowing you’ve exerted every effort to get the job done. Whether it’s a book review, college admission essay, or any other project, these apps will not only help you produce the finest quality piece but will also boost your overall writing skills.