“Wee” or “wii”, TikTok viral audio: the original video and meaning

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It’s already hard to find a way to google and search for its history. Some people try “wiii”, others use “weee”. And then those incomprehensible words. In fact, the original audio belongs to a video dating back to 2016, in which a young youtuber gave a voice to a pigeon that was jumping into the void. A funny dubbing, with which the bird says in Spanish “Me voy a matar, este es mi ultima wiii”, that is “I want to kill myself, this is my last wee”. Watching the video, the sound has a particular effect. Here it is, below:

Me voy a matar wiiiiiiiiii

The boy who wrote the audio is from Santo Domingo and was interviewed in 2021 by Capricornio TV, a Dominican television channel. Here is the original interview. At the time of that video, the boy hadn’t become famous, but now that millions of TikTok creators use his voice to produce funny videos, it had become mandatory to make himself known.