When and how was Nutella invented?

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Nutella is one of the largest food heritage in Italy. The flagship product of Ferrero exports, which represents one of the symbols of Italian food quality abroad, Nutella has a particular history, and the curiosity often arises about when and how it was born. Here is his story, told by their own official website (here in Italian).

When was Nutella invented?

The first time that a jar of spreadable cream named Nutella was released was in 1964. Before then, however, Ferrero already distributed a hazelnut spreadable cream called “Supercrema Giandujot”, born in 1951.

Nutella’s success in Italy was so big to push the Ferrero laboratory to start distribution abroad as early as the 1960s. A key date marked by the official website is 1966, when Nutella lands in France and becomes a huge success.

How was Nutella born?

The idea that gave birth to Nutella actually comes from the principle from which Giandujot was born, in 1946. World War II had just ended and cocoa had become a difficult to find ingredient. The Ferrero laboratory therefore had an idea: to create a soft dessert made mainly of hazelnuts (of which Italy has an extensive local production), adding cocoa in limited quantities. In this way they created a dessert that tasted of cocoa but contained less of it than chocolate.

The Giandujot took its name from a local Carnival mask and was a loaf wrapped in paper that could be spread on bread. A few years later, in 1951, the product gradually transformed into “Supercrema Giandujot”, a soft cream contained in a glass cup. And two years later, the improved recipe was renamed Nutella.

The name has not changed since then, and many other Nutella-based parallel products have entered the market, such as Nutella B-ready and Nutella Biscuits. Even abroad, there are many other creams that try to compete with Nutella, perhaps at competitive prices, but the original Nutella continues to dominate all markets.

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