Dream and Shine Brighter 2022: the songs from Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary parade

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The 2022 show was inaugurated at Disneyland Paris at the beginning of March to celebrate the 30th aniversary of the most loved amusement park for children. The video of the show is visible here on Youtube, and for the occasion two original songs have been written to make the children dance and sing: Ready For The Ride and Un Monde Qui S’Illumine. Two sparkling and cheerful songs that children and adults tend to want to listen to again even after seeing the show. You can find them below, with an excerpt of the lyrics for each.

Disneyland Paris: Ready For The Ride [Dream and Shine Brighter Theme Song]

I’m ready for the ride (I’m ready for the ride)
I’m ready to bring light just like the sun, yeah
Our memories are all around,
And I know we’ve only just begun

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Theme Song - "Un monde qui s'illumine"

Un Monde Qui S’Illumine is composed by Héloïse and is also available on Spotify.

Look to the sky, hope is all around
And it’s about to ignite
It’s looking bright, go on let it out
The spark you’re feeling inside