Why gamers should try out Slingo

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You pick a game, find your grid, and then concentrate. As soon as you spin the wheel, the fun begins.

Welcome to the entertaining world of Slingo. There are dozens of Slingo games to try – and they are all part of the one of the most long-lasting success stories on the internet.

For newcomers and beginners, Slingo is a brilliant invention that combines the best of slots and bingo – and of course that’s where the name comes from.

Playing Slingo is easy – but gives you a feeling of being in control of the action. The aim is to complete lines, called a Slingo, on a grid that looks like a very fancy bingo card.

It’s an ingenious combination of the two famous and popular games. Players mark off the numbers on their grid as they appear in front of them when they spin reels that are like a slot machine.

Bingo experts will spot that it uses a classic five-by-five grid and a variation of 75-ball bingo. You must pay attention and you play, because you cross your own numbers off your own card.

The games have been given a classy modern look using the latest internet design and technology. The Slingo visuals are always clear and cool, and are designed work just as smoothly on desktop screens and mobiles.

Slingo can be played anywhere, anytime. And the best place to play? It’s called Slingo.com of course.

Slingo.com is an award-winning online casino with the best Slingo games, plus a huge array of other experiences too. Find more than 1,200 slots here – and live and instant win casino games.

The sites main offering, however, is Slingo – one of the long-lasting digital games in the internet casino world. It started way back in the 1990s as a way to have online fun – without any money involved at all.

Businessman Sal Falciglia had the brainwave of combining the two popular games of slots and bingo into one doubly exciting game. The New Jersey-based operation was launched on the AOL service in 1995.

Because it is so easy to play – and such fun – Slingo was an immediate hit and was soon developed for players who wanted to add a financial thrill too. The bingo-slots hybrid gained more and more players, even in what now seems like a primitive technological framework.

As the speed of the internet and sophistication of the web technologies grew, so did Slingo. The game was proving so popular that it launched its own dedicated site, Slingo.com in 2002.

And after 25 years in the industry, the operators of Slingo.com have developed a great reputation. Players keep coming back – because they feel safe and secure at the site.

The Slingo.com site is the home of all Slingo games. Player keep returning for their favourites – or to check the latest Slingo releases.

The Slingo online experience obviously starts with offering fun for players. But the site is dedicated to providing the best possible overall gaming experience, and that means creating the most secure and safe environment for players, their money and information.

The trustworthy site offers award-winning games – and they are constantly being updated and added to. That’s why it can boast and amazing 55 million players worldwide.

Last year Slingo.com won the WhichBIngo award for the best game in 2020, thanks to Slingo Rainbow Riches. It’s one of the site’s best-ever creations, using the theme of the Rainbow Riches slots.

The clever Slingo designers added a special twist to the standard Rainbow Riches design, with seven special bonus rounds all set within a charming Irish theme.

Newcomers are always welcome to the Slingo.com site. Players can find exclusive attractive members-only promotions and offers.

The latest deals include a 100% match-up bonus on a first deposit, from £20 minimum up to £50. That means Slingo will double your money and give you even more to play with.

Players can find a host of special deals on the site, simply by visiting the Daily Picks section of their account. There’s something new there every day.

The daily offers can include special deposit bonuses, free spins and even cash prizes. Many players like to take advantage of sneak peeks at the latest Slingo games – and be one of the first in the world to play on them.

Behind the scenes, Slingo is careful to follow all the latest rules and regulations about online gaming. It is fully approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

The entire offering of games is regularly checked for compliance with the latest rules and regulations, and for fairness for players. The Slingo games would be impossible to fix or rig – because they are built around Random Number Generator software (RNG) to provide completely random outcomes with every spin.

Slingo.com is also one of the many leading sites that uses the top online casino platform called SkillOnNet. This ensures it has the smoothest and most reliable gaming system.

It’s bug and crash-free. And SKillOnNet technology means the games have the highest-quality technology and sharpest graphics.

Slingo.com also offers its players an experienced and friendly customer support team. Gamers find they can also use all the best online payment systems.

The site is dedicated to providing the best online gaming fun – not just with the unique Slingo games but with hundreds of other great games too. As the Slingo.com says it: “Puts you first.”