How to travel around Europe cheaply?

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Whoever would ever think of going to Europe—from the outskirts of Russia to the UK and Germany, the region is so rich in culture. However, there is one problem: it is expensive. You will have to spend a lot of money on airfare, trains and ferries. This does not include expenses on hotels and food. So, is there a way to travel around the European continent cheaply? Yes, there is, and we will show you several tips on how to get this done.

Travel by FlixBus

This is a company that changed the bus system of Europe. It came from Germany and was later acquired by Megabus Europe. The great thing about the company is that it has routes all over the continent. The fare is financially manageable, which starts at 5 EUR. It has Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and really comfortable seats. Baggage is also free. As you travel, you can play your favourite games that need the internet, such as the ones at Ice Casino.

Budget Airlines

Surely, you do not want to visit a single European country—you want to visit several. As such, you will be spending a lot of money on aeroplane tickets. What we suggest is that you travel with budget airlines. There are many budget airlines in the continent that can either take you to continental or simply local destinations. Airfare for these low-cost airlines can go for as low as 10 EUR. Can you imagine just how much you will save?

If you want to book flights, you have to go to Skyscanner or Momondo. These two websites are the best ones to look for special deals. The thing with budget airlines is that they have strict baggage limits. You should also not forget to print your boarding pass.

Cheap Accommodation

There are many budget-friendly places in Europe. You do not have to stay in posh hotels. An option is hostel dormitories where you can stay for a few nights. These places only cost between $18 and $40 per night. Now, these dorms are small. Some of them only have six rooms, so do not expect luxury here. However, you will save a ton of money. For example, a room could cost merely $17, but the same room would cost you $32 if you stayed in a semi-classy hotel. 

Campsites are cheaper. In places like Athens, it is not unusual to find a room that costs only $17 for one night. However, these campsites mean that you must have a tent. These places are best for backpackers.

Book in Advance

There are many places to visit in Europe. One problem you will have here is that if you only queue when you get there, you will pay premium prices. The trick to going around this is to book early. Companies that offer attraction sites know which periods are lean. As such, you can go to their websites and see if they have an offer for a discount.

Usually, attraction sites offer huge discounts during the lean season. However, you need to book early. Booking early means they have a guaranteed customer on that day. They do not have to anticipate whether guests are coming or not.

Travel at the Right Time

It is not a good idea to go to Europe during peak season. What does this mean? Do not go there during summer. The entire world thinks that summer is a vacation, and you will not enjoy your stay if you go there during this period. For one, the entire country is packed with visitors. There is just no way you can take pictures of yourself with so many people all around you. Also, the prices will skyrocket during summer. People who operate their businesses know that there are a lot of customers, and they will bump up their prices to take advantage of the situation.   

Travelling does not have to put a big dent in your pocket. You can travel around Europe on a budget and still enjoy it. The trick to doing this is careful planning. Fortunately, the internet can provide you with this information. There are many websites out there like AirBnB and Couchsurfing where you could find cheap places to stay. In Couchsurfing, the accommodation is free, but you may have to do some errands for the owner. Take your time in planning your routes, destination and activities. Europe is mesmerizing. If you go there without a plan, you will definitely drain your money.