Bingo then and now: the rise of the popular pastime game

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Lucky balls were always appealing to people. There is something magical and hypnotic in playing and watching a bingo game. That pleasant excitement when you look at the balls spinning, waiting for YOUR lucky numbers to appear, sharing the delight of winning or disappointment for losing with other bingo players… overall – enjoying the risk of the game.

In the old days, back in the 1980’, bingo was mostly considered as a game for middle-aged women and elder people, and bingo nights were a great opportunity for meeting new people with the same interests and hobbies.

Now, the time has passed and things have changed. One would naively think bingo lost its audience, but the truth is absolutely different – it became one of the most loved activities for all generations. 

What Changed?

Among other things- technology. In the past decade, modernization happened. Everything we liked and loved got its virtual shape, bingo included. The Internet helped in making this longstanding game popular among younger generations; bingo is no longer reserved only for the elder people. With a larger amount of fans, larger choices became available, so at this moment one can find endless possibilities of 75-ball and 90-ball games: a plethora of different themes, live bingo rooms, and so on… Nevertheless, the land-based bingo halls never completely lost their popularity.

The Bingo Halls

Thankfully, some people still want to go out of their house in order to have some fun. Yes, it is possible to play bingo online, but is it the same fun?

We wouldn’t say so. Considering the bingo halls these days, it can hardly be the same fun. A festival atmosphere, amazingly designed halls, modern ambient, comfortable seats, extravagant lights… bingo is no longer a game for the pensioners. On the contrary, in the UK, some of the hottest events of the season are modern bingo nights is ultra-fancy, stylish lobbies.

From the simple rooms where people made friends, found love, laughed, enjoyed life, broke records even, to extremely fashionable halls…bingo really went a long way.

Bingo Halls VS Online Bingo

As much as we would love to see bingo surviving its own online version, we are not very optimistic. Indeed, bingo is still played all over the world in majestic bingo halls, but it’s also very true that the majority of bingo players are gambling online. Thanks to the modern style of life, we are not able to live slow as we used to. It’s becoming a real luxury to find time to go out to bingo night with friends. In addition, the pandemic left major consequences to society, as well. Virtual life is more convenient, simpler, does not require going far or thinking too much. At least, on the bright side, it offers quite incredible content which guarantees great gaming time… Who will win this battle, still remains to be seen. One is certain – online or land-based, it will always be close to our hearts!