Female-led reboots are in vogue: could Robin Hood be next?

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Hollywood has entered an era of reboots, with filmmakers choosing to revisit classic movies and adapt them for modern audiences. This plays on the nostalgia element that is popular in the entertainment industry but also gives directors a chance to make use of new technology to spruce up old-time favourites.

One trend that has picked up pace in recent years has to take traditionally male-led movies and recast the protagonists as women. Many of these have been successful, and production companies will be looking for other projects that are suitable for the same treatment. Could a female version of Robin Hood be a good idea for a reboot?

How Have Iconic Franchises Been Rebooted With Women?

Rebooting some of cinema’s greatest franchises with women in the lead roles provides a fresh take on well-known material and gives great female actors a chance to bring their ideas to the roles. Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters in 2016 is one of the most notable titles to go for a gender swap in recent years, and it breathed new life into the classic sci-fi comedy series. The Spy director opted to use some of his favourite actors who lit up screens in his 2011 hit, Bridesmaids. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig starred in both offerings and were praised for bringing hilarity to their new roles in the iconic Ghostbusters uniforms.

Another major blockbuster to recast its previously all-male line-up with women was Ocean’s 8. This wasn’t a direct reboot of the original franchise featuring the Rat Pack, though. Instead, it was offered up as a sequel to the more recent trilogy from Steven Soderbergh featuring George Clooney as Danny Ocean. Sandra Bullock played Debbie Ocean, the sister of Clooney’s charming villain. The picture was a success, bringing in $297 million worldwide for Warner Bros. Pictures. It was also met with a strong critical response, with reviewers praising it for its fresh approach.

Why is Robin Hood the Perfect Choice for a Reboot?

There’s no doubt that Hollywood production companies will be brainstorming other popular films and characters that could be rebooted with female leads. One option that could go down a treat with viewers is a new version of Robin Hood. The legendary character is so well-known around the world, thanks to his regular representation in popular culture. However, there have rarely been unique twists on the hero that break the mould.

The franchise potential for going for a female variety of Robin Hood is strong, as this is such a bold transition from the norm. It could have a seismic effect on the entertainment industry, in a similar way to how the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who was met with widespread approval. If the producers get their marketing strategy right and release related media alongside a Robin Hood reboot, they could appeal to a vast audience.

The fact that there is already a Lady Robin Hood game on the market is already a good sign and one that filmmakers could look to capitalise on. The Lady Robin Hood slot game from Bally is one of the top mobile slots in 2021, and it can be played for free or for real money. The title is recommended for its original take on the traditional canon, which is a concept that slots players seem to get excited about. For example, other reel-spinning games have taken stories like Frankenstein and Dracula and given them a contemporary new look as well.

What Other Franchises Could Undergo the Remake Treatment?

There are plenty of other franchises that could have female remakes. It has already been touted that there will be a female-led spinoff of Pirates of the Caribbean, with Margot Robbie reportedly set to take on the lead role. However, nothing is set in stone yet and production hasn’t started on the picture. With the swashbuckling series being such a huge cash cow for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it makes sense that the company is seeking other ways to keep it alive in an original way.

There has been a lot of discussion over whether the James Bond franchise should also go down the route of swapping out the male lead for a female actor. With Daniel Craig’s time as 007 having recently come to an end, it represents the perfect opportunity for Eon Productions to introduce a drastic shift. However, meddling with such a well-loved and iconic character could do more harm than good. A move like this would likely upset Bond purists, and it would be a huge gamble for the studio. A spinoff alongside the main series could work, though.

If one thing’s certain, there are going to be numerous other female reboots of classic films and characters. A woman version of Robin Hood could go down a treat, especially seeing as how the most recent iteration of the hero from Otto Bathurst in 2018 was such an incredible flop.