A playlist of songs to match every occasion

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Having the perfect playlist of songs for any event never fails. For instance, on your birthday, you know for a fact that there’ll be some point in the day where people will sing or play some variation of “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder. While that song was originally made to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it’s now become everyone’s birthday song. That’s just the way it is. Whether you are having a barbeque or playing online casino games, a playlist can make or break the event.

Certain events, occasions, and days of the week have that assigned melody that people break out and sing, hum, or play when they’re prepared to jam. From family barbecues and weddings to broadly celebrated occasions and holidays, there’s a song for everything. Some of these songs have been made famous due to being overplayed on the radio, featured in popular movies and video games, even online casino games. Either way, they’ve certainly lasted through the ages!

Here’s a list of the songs that you need to add to your playlist for every occasion.

Family Barbecues, Reunions and Picnics: “Love and Happiness” by Al Green

I don’t mind what else you play, but if I don’t hear these actual words coming from somebody’s old-school CD speaker or through somebody’s iPod, then the party is certainly not a real party. “Love and happiness… something that can make you do wrong, make you do right… mmhmm!” Yes, it technically is a love song, yet it simply plays like a feel-good jam that anybody can appreciate and enjoy for reasons unknown. I can already smell the burgers sizzling on the barbecue, and all the adults with a drink in their hand as this song plays in the background.

Someone’s Anniversary: “Anniversary” Tony! Toni! Tone!

This song was made particularly for that memorable and important day, hence the name. I love how it rocks you and gives the feeling that nothing else matters. This song is the perfect song for you and your special one on your anniversary! It makes you feel like nothing else matters. So hold your partner close and jam to this sultry as it sets the mood for the evening to come.

Sitting Around The Christmas Tree: “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway

Simply thinking of this song gets me so amped up for the holidays! This must be one of the best Christmas songs that have ever been recorded. It’s so joyful and smooth with Donny’s voice, the strings, the piano, and those horns. This song can change your mood instantly, from being stressed while Christmas shopping to feeling happy and indeed emerging yourself in the Christmas spirit. So the next time you have to make a quick trip to the store for last-minute shopping, blast this song in your car during your drive there, and nothing can get you down!

Fright Night – Halloween: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

If this isn’t the first song on your Halloween playlist, you need to reevaluate your priorities for creating the best playlists. Although this song can be overplayed during this spooky holiday, when the chorus hits, you can’t help but sing and dance along as you attempt to emulate Michael Jackson’s iconic zombie dance from the music video. There are, of course, many different songs that could also work well with Halloween, but this song about frightening freaks and monsters is genuinely the best. They don’t make music like this anymore.

Wedding Party Jams: “Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet and Tamia

I’m sure you’ll have your playlist all set when the big day comes. However, I know one song that is an absolute necessity at wedding receptions. Even if you’re not someone who enjoys slow dancing, preferring to go all out on the dance floor, there’s just something about this song that will have you hooked regardless. I love watching newlywed couples dance to this song. If you’re getting ready for your big day or know someone is, make sure this song makes a list, your guests will love it!

Bad Break Up/ Heartbreak Song: “I’m Going Down” Mary J. Blige

I’m not sure why we do this, but we often seem to enjoy making ourselves feel even lower by listening to sad songs when we’re sad. If this applies to you, then I have the perfect song for you. If you’ve recently gone through a bad break-up and you’re currently at the stage where you’re still moping around and most likely crying about it, Mary J. Blige will get you through it. Honestly speaking, any Mary J. Blige song from the ’90s is ideal for a break-up playlist. That said, “I’m going down” is the best song for it. She sings with so much emotion that you feel as though she knows exactly what you’re going through. It’s pretty therapeutic! Having a glass of wine or two as you listen to this song will have you singing along with just as much passion and emotion as Mary J. Blige.

Mother’s Day: “Dear Mama” by 2Pac

This song can be somewhat depressing now and again, but it is one of those songs that consistently makes people think about their mothers and appreciate them. Everyone I know plays this song at least once on Mothers Day. Some people even enjoy this song in general, “Dear Mama is one of 2Pac’s best hits.” And all things considered. It’s an incredible and moving piece of music that powerfully stirs up your emotions. It gives the message of “You are valued, so try playing this for your mother the next mother’s day to earn some brownie points.”