What to do when waiting on a restaurant date

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Going on a date can be a nerve-wracking thing. Whether it’s the first or fifth, chances are your nerves are going to be quite high. But after all, if it doesn’t make you nervous, it’s not worth doing. It is also worth remembering that your date is probably just as nervous, if not more. Try to relax; after all, that’s how you can show off your best side. In today’s digital age, online dating has become increasingly popular, and many restaurant dates may be arranged through online platforms or apps. Whether you are going on a casual date after choosing the best one night stand sites based on the experts of OnlineForLove, or a serious date with someone you’ve met through an online dating platform, waiting at the restaurant can be an intriguing experience and can evoke a range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness to anticipation. It’s a chance to reflect on your conversation topics, calm your nerves, and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. It’s also a good opportunity to have a backup plan in case your date is running late or doesn’t show up.

If you’ve been on a restaurant date before, you’ll probably know how bad it is when they’re late or you’re too early. The awkwardness of sitting there alone can usually amplify a lot of people’s nerves, which is, of course, something that is always worth avoiding on a first date. You could find yourself fidgeting, checking the door every two seconds, and starting to sweat. The best way to deal with this is to distract yourself and remain calm. Here are some suggestions on what to do when you are waiting on a restaurant date.

Use Your Smartphone

The likelihood is you are going to have your phone with you. Even though you shouldn’t use it when your date arrives, feel free to use it prior to their arrival. There’s so much that you can do on your smartphone that it’ll be easy to distract yourself. First of all, make sure everything is in check before the date starts. Reply to any emails or texts that you need to, as well as making sure your phone is on silent.

You can use your phone to entertain yourself prior to your date’s arrival too. Here are some of the things you can do before they arrive.

Social media – Feel free to scroll through any of the social media platforms you have on your phone. It’s not that investing that you’ll miss your date walking in, but interesting enough to calm the nerves.

Play games – Use your phone to play some short and sweet games. Online casinos such as www.jackpotcitycasino.com have a great selection, meaning you won’t have to search for long to find a great action-packed game.

Catch up on the news – The world of news is accessible from your fingertips thanks to your smartphone. Take the time to see what’s going on around the world. Who knows, you might even see something that could spark a conversation.

Find a good place for next dates – do you need to know what the best restaurants in Roseville, CA are, for example? Or you need advice on other good restaurants in your area? The internet is your friend, and the smartphone is the way to gather useful knowledge.

Study the Menu

If you’re sitting down at your table whilst waiting for your date, it could be a good idea to have a look through the menu. You don’t necessarily have to know the pages word for word, but what a good sense of the food. If there’s something on the menu you don’t know, take this chance to look it up. This can help prevent potentially embarrassing incidents or even present the chance to impress. It also isn’t a great thing on a date to take too long deciding on what you want to eat, so try to make your mind up early. 

Call a Friend

Everyone has that friend that can calm them down and settle their nerves pretty quickly. This could be a perfect time to call them up. You don’t even have to particularly talk about the upcoming date. If it will help you feel calmer to talk about something else, do that. Or, if your friend has any dating advice that they could give you, feel free to take it all in. Talking to someone you’re comfortable with on the phone can do a lot for your confidence. Not to mention it will make the time waiting for your date pass quite quickly.

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