If you are one of these types of gamblers, casinos love you

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It is not a secret that some types of gamblers are more valuable for a casino/kazino than others. Additionally some customers are just likeable to the casino staff. This is true for all kinds of services, not only gambling. There are certain people who employees just like to serve because they feel good, they are grateful, and there is a bright smile on their faces. What are the types of customers casinos like the most?

One night gambler

There are numerous people in the casino at nights who are there for the first time and maybe the last. They are there to check the experience and maybe play with a higher stake than the average gambler. People are curious – especially men – so it is not surprising to find them at casinos for the first time in their lives. There are events like bachelor parties, wedding receptions or just a few hours of fun after a long and stressful working day. These types of gamblers often have quite a lot of money to spend during their one and only night in the casino.

The casino staff can be more flexible with them because they are here just for once. They are not to get hooked on the place like compulsive gamblers, they are here just for one (maybe two) nights of fun. This is a big advantage to the casino as these people are unlikely to come back again and will play until an empty wallet.

High rollers

This type is obvious. They leave a lot of money in the casino during their stay. They often gamble with high stakes (although not always), they are fun, witty and have a lot of self-confidence. The casinos love them because there is no need to persuade them to stay – they just keep playing until the cash is gone or until the casino closes. There are also negative things about this kind of gamblers, because some of them might be demanding and hard to deal with. 

They are fun for the whole casino team – managers enjoy their stay very much, because at least there is somebody who can win some money in the casino and not just lose it all like usuals do. They do not play just a couple games like an average gambler because they can afford playing all night if they want to.

Aware of casino culture

Casinos have their own rules about how to behave during your gambling night. Gamblers need to understand what is appropriate for each game, get familiar with slot machines instructions, learn how to use playing cards and so on. Moreover, there are certain rules while dealing with casino staff. Especially when it comes to tipping. If you don’t know how to tip, just ask. You will gain in the eyes of casino employees. You should tip your dealer, waitress that brings you your drinks and also security and cleaning personnel if, for example, they were forced to clean some mess you’ve made. If you follow these rules, casino staff will like you and take care to make your night enjoyable.

Those who want to have fun

Not every person in a casino is there to win as much money as possible. Some gamblers just like the casino environment and they don’t care whether they win or lose. And, of course, casinos will like these people because this means that their guests are going to play more freely without being concerned about losing much. These gamblers are more positive than those who want to earn money, because they are not angry when they lose, they are happy that they’ve had fun in the process.These gamblers will be invited to casino events if staff finds out that they are positive. Moreover, casinos want their clients to have fun and play happily because happy guests are more likely to return. This is how casinos get regular customers who spend longer time than others in the casino. Maybe not always much money, but they stay for a long time and come back, sometimes bringing friends with them.

Non-demanding ones

This type of customer is likeable everywhere since they need minimum focus and are happy all the time with what they get. They just don’t complain that the place is not ideal or there are not enough waiters, music in a nightclub is too loud and so on. These gamblers know how to make themselves comfortable with what the casino gives them. Dealing with them is simple, they are nice and tipping just enough to make staff happy and not expecting much, they are good guests. Sometimes casinos add discounts for these gamblers because they know that their stay will mean positive feedback and these people are likely to return again. 


Now you know what are the types of gamblers in the casino that are likeable to both, other players and casino staff. If you want other people to enjoy your presence, try to be like one of the types above.

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