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Anonymous video chat Chatroulette was developed by Andrey Ternovsky. The website was created in just two days by an ordinary schoolboy at that time. He came up with a very original dating format. You go to the website, and the system almost instantly connects you with a random user.

Andrey Ternovsky’s chat roulette was not the first one in the world. Six months before it, the Omegle website was launched with the same basic functionality. And yet, in just a couple of months, Chatroulette attracted a huge audience. At the beginning of 2010, the daily number of users exceeded one and a half million people. But the success was temporary.

Chatroulette failure and better alternatives

The rapid growth in popularity was followed by an equally rapid failure primarily because of the unspeakably poor moderation. There actually was none. A user could only be blocked if there were many complaints about them in a short period of time. But even in such cases, it was rare that annoying users were blocked. It got worse and worse. First, the number of inadequate users, exhibitionists, and simply questionable interlocutors increased. Secondly, the ratio of men and women began to change dramatically. In the beginning the ratio of men was slightly higher, but it became as follows: 80% of men and 20% of women. And thirdly, the audience began to leave the website.

By the time the popularity of the resource decreased, there were many alternatives to Chatroulette. Many of them offered more functions and search settings, as well as very good moderation, which was so lacking in this chat roulette.

Websites similar to ChatRoulette

During more than 10 years of existence of the anonymous chatroulette format, a great number of them have appeared. Of course, not all of them are worthy of your attention. But nevertheless, some still need to be discussed in more detail.

  1. Omegle. It was this website that the history of chatroulettes began with as a phenomenon. The resource was launched in 2009 – six months before Chatroulette. At the same time, Omegle has several additional features. For example, you can indicate your interests, chat in the chat room of your university, use the unmoderated section for dialogues on any topic. And although Omegle is also far from the peak of its popularity, its audience is still active. There are about twenty thousand online users at almost any time of the day.
  2. This is a convenient website for communicating with girls. That is, if ordinary chat roulettes connect you with users of different genders, VideoChat.Сhat connects you only with girls. This is convenient if you are looking for new acquaintances with the prospect of further meeting and building relations. Also, there is really thorough moderation and high HD video quality. You can try for free and without registration – a free trial period is available. In the future, you will be prompted to purchase a premium account.
  3. Shagle. This has been a very popular website recently, which allows you to select not only the gender of the interlocutor, but also their geolocation. That is, you can communicate, for example, exclusively with girls from your city or country. This means that the chances of a real meeting in the future increase. Also, there is also good moderation.
  4. Chatrandom. The website has quickly grown its audience thanks to the constant expansion of its functionality. As in the previous chat roulette, you can specify the gender and geolocation of the interlocutor. In addition, users have access to special thematic chat rooms, where you can chat with other participants on certain topics and find new acquaintances by interest.
  5. Bazoocam. This is another popular website, the main advantage of which is thorough moderation. The developers paid special attention to this issue, making it their competitive advantage. Accordingly, here you most likely will not find fakes, advertising broadcasts and inadequate users. All of them are quickly blocked, temporarily or permanently. Therefore, communication here is usually more comfortable than on similar websites.

There are actually many more alternatives to Chatroulette. We have listed only the most popular and interesting resources for the modern user. Perhaps, you will be able to find some other websites that will be more convenient and practical just for you.

Why try Chatroulette alternatives 

It is not uncommon for a person to get used to a certain website and have no desire to look for a replacement. Even if this website does not suit them at all on all counts. This is the case with Chatroulette. There are still those who exclusively use this platform, ignoring the alternatives and thereby depriving themselves of many interesting and useful functions. Thousands of people continue to use the website of Andrey Ternovsky every day.

We recommend discovering new resources. After all, good websites like Chatroulette have many advantages:

  • excellent moderation;
  • additional settings for search (gender, geolocation, interests);
  • high quality video and sound;
  • thematic sections and chat rooms for communication by interests;
  •  responsible technical support;
  • modern design and such.

Very often people who have discovered Chatroulette alternatives do not return to this website. And despite the fact that the owners of the Chatroulette right now are trying to modernize the resource and improve it, the website will probably not gain its former popularity. The developers should have been improving the website back in 2010 in order to stay in the lead. Unfortunately, this was ignored. And while Chatroulette stagnated, its analogues developed rapidly and lured the audience by thousands and millions of people.

It’s up to you to decide which website to use for casual dating. We just want to advise you not to be afraid of experiments and always try something new. Perhaps the most unexpected and interesting acquaintances await you on a website that you have not even heard of yet.

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