The top 4 Basketball TV series you need to add to your watch list

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The popularity of Basketball

Sports like Basketball and Football have become the most popular sports, not just in certain parts of the world but worldwide. Just looking into Basketball, most people in Europe and the United States would say that it is the best sport in the world.

It is hugely popular in the US but also in countries such as Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. As a result of this, there has been increasing growth in basketball culture, spin-offs, video games, sports betting, and entertainment.

Celebration of Basketball around the world

Basketball is celebrated through major sporting events such as the NBA and has become a staple in school sports across the world. It has built its own culture and fan base through video games, mainly the NBA 2k series. And some countries even laud the game through animated series such as Kuroko No Basuke in Japanese anime.

Over the past two decades, there have been countless movies and TV shows relating to basketball that have been released to the world. Many people see American’s as “crazy for basketball” and this probably stems from the amount of effort put into the whole industry.

Some of these movies and TV shows put forward the spirit of basketball more than the others and are considered to be the best of the lot. They have the action and the drive while also showcasing the passion, drama, and fieriness that surrounds the sport – both on and off the court.

For a basketball enthusiast, the following list of basketball-related TV series is a must-watch. After reading through the list, get some popcorn ready and sit down to watch these shows. Most of us are still spending time at home waiting out the pandemic, so you likely have more than enough encouragement already.

Evelyn Bayton is the author expert of this article. She has been following the basketball industry in some of her other work over the years.

The best Basketball TV series to watch

1.   Last Chance U: Basketball

The first season of this show was released in 2016, and from the start, the show exuded an air of quality. As a Netflix docuseries about a junior college basketball team, the viewers are taken through the struggle that the team faces against its many competitors.

What sets the show apart is the coaches, some of the players, and the difficulty and stakes the team has to go through. Players such as:

  • KJ Allen –  A once-popular high school player who was not able to move forward due to bad grades
  • Malik Muhammed – Having all the physical qualities of a great basketball player but lacking the motivation to actually become one

The story focuses on Coach Mosley and his willingness to bring this motley crew of unmotivated players to stardom. It focuses on his method of coaching and the amount of hard work he put into making each of these players become great at what they do.

The team has talent on its side but it will take a lot of work to become a star team well-known by those around them. Will these players be able to reach the goals set by Coach Mosley?

2.   Basketball or Nothing

This is another series that takes a page from the previously mentioned Last Chance U. Based in a small town called Chinle which features no movie theatres and no nightclubs but a basketball stadium big enough to fit an audience of 6000 people.

The team here – Chinle Wildcats – plays a game called “rez ball”. It is a run and gun game where smaller players try to outmaneuver and play against bigger and taller opponents. However, until this point, the players have simply been running around doing whatever comes to mind to score their points.

In comes the coach, Raul Mendoza, who wants to bring strategy and discipline to the team. The current senior main team is in their final year in school and will be graduating in the same year. However, college is a pipe dream for most of them as it is too expensive to afford. Therefore, their only option is to win as many games as possible, earning them spots in their desired colleges.

3.   The Last Dance

A show produced by ESPN, The Last Dance focuses on the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s and the era of Michael Jordan. This 10-part mini docuseries provides a lot of insight into the players, the championships, and a ton of behind-the-scenes takes.

4.   My MVP Valentine

For something different, this is a Taiwanese drama series about a high school basketball tournament, loosely based on a Japanese manga series. It tells the story of the star in a basketball team who accidentally paralyzes his rival’s sister before their biggest championship game. If you like drama, romance, and sportsmanship, this series is a great watch.

Basketball beyond the sport

Being interested in the sport does not mean that every person wants to play the sport. With the introduction of video games and sports betting, millions of others are joining the Basketball fandom, but not being involved in the sport directly.

Basketball sports betting has grown in popularity in places like the Phillippines as well, coming close to the US. If you’re also interested in betting, these NBA online betting Philippines sites will come in useful.

If you’re interested in gaming, then you can check out the many NBA games that have been released over the past years. Or if you’re looking for something different to watch, there are many animated series, both Japanese and American shows, you can view as well.

In the end, there is a lot of basketball-related entertainment to consume and the culture is only continuing to grow every year, just like the NBA games.

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