Pros and cons of using credit cards in casinos

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Credit cards have been one of the most popular and desirable payment methods in online casinos. This option comes with many advantages and a few drawbacks. We are going to explain them today. Keep in mind that there are a lot of credit card casinos on NonGamStopBets so choosing the right one can be time-consuming.

Why Credit Cards Popular At Casinos

As you have realized by now, credit cards are extremely popular at online casinos. The main reason for that is that they have been one of the first payment methods accepted. When the online casinos were launched in the 90s, credit cards were available but e-wallets and other payment methods weren’t. As such, early online casinos started adopting this banking option as the first and usually the only one. It became a trend.

Then we can see that all new online casinos started doing the same thing. Gamblers became fond of using credit cards for gambling and it became a must-have option for an operator. There was no other way. More and more casinos adopted this payment option.

But, if we add the pros or benefits of the payment methods, something we will discuss in the next section you can see why they are still popular today. Gamblers are always looking for the next best thing, so as soon as they discover it, they will switch. Thanks to the benefits, most of them still use credit cards and they will continue using them for a long period of time.

Pros of Credit Cards

Using credit cards for gambling is paired with a massive list of advantages if you prefer. These are something all players get and something that can help you play longer, enjoy more and skip any issues or complications. Here are a few, main advantages of using credit cards for online gambling.

  • You have limits

Some will say that using credit for gambling should be avoided because there are no limits. In reality, each user has a certain limit that will depend on his salary and various other factors at the bank. More money you make, the higher the limit you will have. But, all users do have limits. It means that you cannot deposit more than your limit.

  • Cashback option

As you spend money using your credit card, you can get it back. First of all, most online casinos will give you cashback. It is generally something like 5% of your losses in one week. The bank that gave you a credit card will give you certain points or cash because you used their credit card. It is a win-win situation and you can use this money for more gambling.

  • The extreme level of safety

It is an obvious advantage. Credit cards are extremely safe to use and there is almost no reason to worry about them. Then we can see that a credit card company will apply their own safety, your bank will do the same and the online casino uses safety methods. In simple terms, credit card transactions are secured by 3 different layers of protection.

  • You already have it

Many if not all people these days have a credit card or multiple ones. This is an obvious thing and something that you already know about. Thanks to this, you don’t have to open a new account or perform additional steps and verifications in order to create a method for depositing at an online casino.

  • You can use it everywhere

It is almost impossible to find a casino that doesn’t support credit cards. As we have mentioned earlier, almost all online casinos do accept this payment method and all of them will continue to accept it.

Cons of Credit Cards

There is no perfection, especially when it comes to payment methods used for online gambling. That’s why we can see certain drawbacks of using credit cards for gambling on the web.

  • It isn’t your own money

Basically, you are using money that doesn’t belong to you. This money is owned by your bank and you will have to get it back. Now imagine a scenario in which you spend and lose a lot of this money. It isn’t an ideal option for gamblers.

  • Additional fees

If you don’t pay the money back during a specific period of time, you will have to pay additional fees. You will have to pay for them until you pay the money back. This is actually a well-known fact and something most gamblers are aware of.

  • They cannot be used in certain areas

Credit cards cannot be used for gambling in countries that don’t allow you to withdraw winnings from gambling. The best example is the United States. The same issue can be seen in many other countries.


Credit cards are an extremely popular method for usage in online casinos and something that has been considered as the best alternative. They will remain popular and desirable thanks to the pros or advantages we have covered.

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