How to spend your evenings when visiting Vancouver

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So, you’ve just landed in Vancouver and you’re ready to head out and explore the city. But you’re probably thinking, where do I start? How do I fit in everything I want to do? While traveling to a new city can be exciting, it can also prove extremely overwhelming, especially if you only have a couple of days. Well, fear not, as we’re here to solve all your problems and make sure you hit all the best Vancouver sites. Our top 4 evening experiences will ensure you get the most out of your stay!

1.     Enjoy The Rio Theater

Built in 1938, the Rio theater originally served primarily as a cinema. However, since 2008, it has been used to host live music events and theater in addition to its original purpose. Voted the best single screen cinema in Vancouver for two years running, we highly recommend checking out this vintage gem. Not only does it show the latest blockbusters, but it also regularly plays cult-classics and even family friendly movies. So, whether you’re visiting as a solo traveler or with the whole family, the Rio Theater is the perfect place to spend an evening in Vancouver.     

2.     Richmond Night Market

If you’re visiting Vancouver during summer, Richmond night market is the perfect place to satisfy all your Canadian food cravings. This market not only offers the best of Canadian cuisine, but also has over 500 international food items. Founded in 2000, the market attracts over 1 million visitors every year and is a must see for anyone visiting Vancouver. Even if you’re not a massive foodie, the market also hosts live bands and folk games. This means that there’s something for everyone!  

3.     Kick Back at the Hotel

Let’s be honest, while we love a night out on the town, sometimes a cozy night in is much-needed. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy Canada from the comfort of your hotel room. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that giant hotel tub and the luxurious queen sized, ultra-comfy bed? Well, we’re here to bring the Canadian excitement straight to your room. All slots Canada allows you to be fully immersed in a Canadian casino, without you even having to leave your hotel room. So no, you don’t have to feel guilty about choosing to stay in that unbelievably soft hotel robe instead of hitting the town.

4.     Catch the Seabus Ferry

The Seabus ferry will take you to North Vancouver which is the ideal spot to see the skyline. We suggest catching the ferry just before sunset to get the best view of the city. This also provides the perfect photo opportunities! So, if you’re searching for the ultimate new Insta pic, this is the place for you. 

Being in a new city can be incredibly overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that you’re on holiday. Sit back, relax and don’t try to cram everything in! Instead, pick a couple of activities to focus on so you don’t wear yourself out.

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