The Intersection of cinema and the world of gaming

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Movies have always played an extremely important role in society. Whether as a platform to tell a true story, as a means for entertainment, or as a source for learning, the universal value of cinema cannot be understated. As such, their dramatic influence has been known to extend far and wide, forging pathways into other areas of culture and delighting dedicated movie fans everywhere.

One such example of this is the intersection between film and the gaming industry. Recently, the sector has evolved into one of the highest-grossing markets globally, with new audiences of users joining daily. However, it’s interesting to note that even throughout this massive expansion, gaming developers have always been consistent in their collaborative efforts with the movie business.

In this article, we outline a few interesting instances where films and games become intertwined with one another, fulfilling a need for both high-quality entertainment and an elite gameplay experience in the process.

PC and Console Games Entirely Based on Films

To start with, there are many PC and console games which have been designed with hit films in mind. In fact, some of the very best movie-inspired titles  do an excellent job of recreating an action-packed cinematic storyline and delivering it straight to the user’s desktop or video game console.

From the recently released Marvel’s Avengers game to the ever-popular Star Wars series from Electronic Arts, there are dozens of these games which get their plots from successful movie franchises. What’s more is that these titles often generate major excitement when they hit the market, one reason being that they attract fans of blockbuster motion pictures who want to experience their favorite movie in playable format, as well as gaming enthusiasts.

Online Casino Game Themes

PC and console titles aren’t the only ones which attempt to emulate popular flicks in their games. As the online casino industry heats up, with more and more platforms vying for the attention of every virtual user, providers have begun tapping into this trend as well.

In addition to offering gamers the chance to play on classic fruit machines online, many virtual casino sites now also contain slot games which are movie-themed such as the Ted slot machine, a title that is directly based on the popular comedy which hit theaters back in 2012.

In the same way that online slots have different characteristics and features according to the theme and design, so do slots which were inspired by real-life films. For example, in the Ted game there are symbols on the reel with the movie’s name, as well as other nods to the funny film. Additionally, while players spin, the motion picture’s soundtrack plays in the background.

Although this is only one example of a movie-themed slot, in today’s current online casino environment there are dozens which aim to keep their users entertained in similar ways, designing gameplay as movie-spin offs. Some other popular ones include slots based on Jumanji, Superman, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, and more.

Both desktop and console games are riddled with various movie-themed titles that fans of both film and games enjoy greatly

Games Product Placement in Film and T.V.

So far, we have talked a lot about how various films present themselves in the gaming industry, but what about how games present themselves in the film and T.V. industry? Surprisingly, this happens all the time without viewers even noticing.

For example, one of the biggest ways this occurs is through product placement. As its name quite clearly suggests, product placement is purposefully presenting a specific brand’s product out in the open as a promotional strategy. This happens all the time in movies and series, a subtle yet effective way to get potential customers interested in the game you are selling.

No matter how you spin it, film intersects with the gaming industry every single time someone places a movie-themed title or watches a specific film where gaming is an important part of the storyline. Who knows, maybe a new movie-themed game is in the works right now.

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