Famous rock bands that should feature on a dedicated slot game

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Online slot games are getting more inventive these days, with multiple reels and win lines expanding and game play becoming more immersive. The developers of these games, that you can play at any number of exciting online casinos, work with themes that are appealing to the player. These often involve famous cartoon or movie characters, or others from the world of popular culture.

We thought that for a bit of fun we would think up our own ideas using rock bands as a theme. Which bands would you like to see featured on dedicated slot games? These are our choices!

Led Zeppelin

If there’s one song that lends itself to an online slot theme it has to be Stairway to Heaven. The epic by Led Zeppelin, then one of the biggest bands in the world, is in a world of its own with its changing tempos and spiralling guitar solo, just like a fabulous slot game that takes you through different levels of game play to a mega jackpot!

That’s not all from Led Zeppelin though, for their catalogue includes the majestic ‘Kashmir’ that could easily be a theme for a progressive and enticing slot game. Free spins are all the rage and included could be a challenge to complete a virtual guitar or drum solo to gain your bonuses. The possibilities are endless, hence Led Zep – as they are known by their friends – go to number one on our list.

The Beatles

Free spins come onto the board with a game idea inspired by perhaps the biggest and most famous band of all time. The Beatles, Liverpool’s finest, could be featured as they came to be at the now legendary Cavern Club with free spin bonuses added for each chart success. Then there’s the many style changes the Fab Four went through during their stellar career: reach those goals and you get free spins and other bonuses.

We keep mentioning free spins because they are a vital part of any online slot game. Free spin bonuses attract players because they are a genuine freebie. If free spins are built into a game at stages, they give more scope to the player, and give them more chance of wins. Also, look out for free spins as a signing up bonus at just about every online casino. They’re worth having to increase your chances of success.


Bono and the boys have such a varied collection of hits that they could be the theme for many an online slot. The massive selling band from Dublin, U2 have covered just about every music genre from punk top country during their lengthy existence, so the potential for slot games with free spins is massive.

We would suggest their massive hit ‘Vertigo’ be a bonus target for free spins, the song being a fast-paced and exciting tune, with million-selling hits also acting as a win feature. There’s so much to do with a band that are as theatrical as they are traditional, and we reckon they make a perfect fit for an exciting and original online slot game.


The catchy hooks and major chords that populate Coldplay tunes make a perfect backdrop for a smooth and serene online slot game featuring one of the most successful bands of recent years. Another multi-million selling band, it’s star bands like this that will appeal to the younger players as well as those who are established online slot fans.

Choose from the rhythms of ‘The Scientist’ to their breakthrough hit ‘Yellow’ for different game ideas, and work with the image of a family-oriented and mature band for a grown up and yet engaging slot game – it has to be done!


One of the first bands we thought of when this idea was put forward was Radiohead. Embracers of technology as well as rock ‘n’ roll, the Oxford band have so many hugely original tunes that we could fit bonus free spins in everywhere!

With music that is often a challenge in terms of structure, Radiohead could be the perfect candidates for a themed online slot game that is advanced and futuristic, perhaps with one of their more avant-garde tunes as a background theme.

That’s our choice of rock bands as online slot games, what are yours?

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