What is Earth 2: promo code, investment guide & a comparison with crypto/stocks

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If you want to know more or you need hints on how to invest and how to make money, below you’ll find everything you need

What is Earth 2 and why everybody talks about it?

The community of experienced investors is full of incredible stories of investments made in premature moments and then skyrocketed shortly after. This is the case of those who bought Apple stocks before the release of the iPhone, or those who bought Bitcoin years before they became a trend, or those who had shares of semi-unknown pharmaceutical companies who suddenly discover a new drug that became a standard on daily use. Of course, normal people usually learn about such realities only after they actually explode, when the prices are too high for it to be a promising investment. Because the real goal for an investment of this type is to get in touch with it before it actually goes viral.

Those who discovered Earth 2 around December 2020 / January 2021 actually felt they were the protagonists of an extremely promising opportunity. The project was born in 2020 and aims to map the planet Earth in a virtual copy, where it is possible to buy geographic areas. A digital version of the world where you can make trades and from which you can make income. The project is still in phase 1 and at the moment thousands of users around the world are competing for buying lands in important places in the world, such as the central areas of the metropolises of the most industrialized nations. In the near future (first half of 2021), a virtual game will be released, allowing people to play inside the digital earth, finding resources and building structures inside it, with advertising possibilities inside the virtual earth. The development of the terrain system is already in advanced state and the video below has been recently released to prove it.

Earth 2 Engine Terrain System in 4K (Official)

How to make money?

The earning possibilities are described on the official project website. In the initial phase, focused on property purchase, the main investment possibility lies in the fact that the costs of the land are currently very low (starting from 10 cents for an area of ​​10 × 10 meters, even in important cities in the world) and that the more people want to buy, the more prices will go up. Those who invested early on have seen the value of properties increase a hundredfold in a matter of days. The other earning possibilities, which will come up while investors pile up, are revenues generated by the purchases of other investors in the same country (the so called Land Income Taxes, LIT, which depend on the class your tiles belong to – the earlier you bought in that country, the higher the class and the income you’ll get), shares of resources and precious objects that users will be able to find in your lands, shares from advertising mechanics and shares of activities / structures that users will want to build on the lands you own (the latter two options will be available soon).

How much will it be worth?

As in everything, the value of the investment is closely linked to how much that object is coveted by other potential investors. And although the property is purely virtual, it is easy to understand the great potential of the project: the existence of a virtual version of the planet can represent an interesting opportunity for many realities, such as video game producers or business activities existing in reality. Not to mention that the penetration of virtual reality in the future is destined to increase, and therefore the opportunity is to own a virtual asset that could be worth a lot in the years to come. With still rather low costs: at the beginning of 2021 the cost of a property in the key nations of the world (United States, United Kingdom but also Italy) was still quite cheap, with cases in which it was possible to buy coveted lands even for less than 1 dollar per tile.

Why do so many believe in Earth 2 more than Bitcoin? For several reasons. First of all, because the actual value of Bitcoin is closely linked to the possibility that in the near future it will be widely accepted as a payment currency, and this has yet to be confirmed. And then, because Earth 2 is configured as a much more dynamic reality, with multiple possibilities of income and with an important parallel with reality: owning an important part of the historic center of a metropolis could soon be an important positioning as soon as the economic significance of the virtual earth will begin to make sense. A comparison with stocks? Well, stocks are a type of long term investment and requires a good knowledge of the market, while Earth 2 is more interesting for who seeks big gains in the short term future.

Earth 2 Inception - 2020

Although the project took off at the end of 2020, the number of buyers in Earth 2 is increasing dramatically, to the point that the servers are often overloaded. The competition is therefore really high right now and those interested would do well not to miss a moment: there are already several users sharing experiences of investments started with less than 1000$ and then worth over 100.000$ after less than a month. All with a (still) very simple registration process and payment conveniently performed via credit cards.

How to buy lands?

You can purchase lands directly on the official Earth 2 website. You may need some time to find available lands in the world’s most popular cities like London or New York , but with a little determination you will make it. And specifically for this initial phase it is also possible to take advantage of a 5% discount on the purchase price, by entering the following code on the purchase page: U7HCZBQ1SV.

Buy lands on Earth 2 here

A typical question is: is it better to buy many small lands with less money each or a unique big piece of land worth more? The answer can depend on your goal. Basing on the hints released by Earth 2 teams, a small piece of land can be easier to sell if your goal at some point os to monetize the investment just by selling higher than the purchase price. Once the game will kick in, however, the revenues coming from bigger pieces of land will be more promising compared to small slots. Earth 2 is anyway planning to allow to split a bigger land in smaller portions and use them separately.

Bottom line

Could the millionaires of the future be born right now? Maybe yes, maybe no. Basically it is a bet. It is up to you to decide when and how much to get involved. Meanwhile, the question launched by the platform is captivating: have you claimed your piece of the future?