The brave remix of Moments In Love by A Mood Project

His name is Davide Modafferi and in the world of music, he’s the one behind the A Mood project. Based in Milan, it all started in 2017 through the remix of Discomania and continues to the present day, stopping at the last remix that we are about to introduce and passing through numerous experiences and labels that had great presences along the way. To name a few: Almamegretta, Zion, Train, and Demonology.

At the heart of Davide Modafferi’s project, we find electronic music and all its nuances. A natural propensity, if we consider the musical evolution followed by today’s technology, which “appears” in contrast with its acoustic formation. I underline “appears” to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary discussions that could be irrelevant.

The remix that we discuss today was released a few months ago and is a reinterpretation of a classic from 1983. The composers of the song are recognized and now remembered as precursors of experimental pop, they are the Art of Noise and their famous work is Moments in Love.

Art of Noise - Moments in Love (AMP REMIX feat. //BAAN//)

Artists of a certain caliber are revisited after decades, through different samples and interpretations. We all know what a remix is, it is known that often this practice that creates “new arrangements” harms both the original and the arriving artist, but it is equally true that on several occasions what happens is just the opposite, with both characters gaining prestige from the remix. So here we are, to the indispensable question: Where does this remix by A Mood Project fit in? Let’s continue…

Released by G-Mafia Records, being a remix, the track is totally free-download. The key to reinterpretation was brilliant and coherent: a classic song revisited and remixed in a dance key. A few moments in which you dare, a few BPMs more, but nothing inappropriate and incoherent stands in the way of this re-reading, that takes on multiple objective and subjective meanings.

If you try to listen to the song by Art Of Noise and the remix of A Mood Project, it immediately becomes clear that the moments of creation were truly moments of pure love and respect for the source material. Content that, thanks to the voice of Anna Balestrieri (second voice and multi-instrumentalist of the Italian group Black Eyed Dog, who collaborates with A Mood Project in the //BAAN// project) and to the video made by Francesco Tortorella (winner of numerous awards thanks to his recent film The Great Wave) further amplifies the concept of the moment of love.

And we think that this is precisely the right point to conclude and to invite you to listen/watch, through a video that speaks for itself: a mother who kisses her daughter goodnight before going to work in a nightclub, returning home after a night out. A return to the starting point, to what really matters, to purity, to kissing a daughter unaware of the infinite love that a mother can feel. There are many and above all, there are different moments of love and this work introduces many of them. And then, returning to the previous question: where does the remix of A Mood Project fit in? Continue…

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Moments In Love (remix) – the videoclip is on Youtube

This article was written by Manuel Vieni

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