The best TV Series about gambling

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Do you want to feel new emotions and try your luck? Then you should try playing at PlayAmo at least for free. Yet, if you are not ready for a big game, watch one of these world-famous TV series.  

Luck, HBO

Chester Bernstein is a smart and ambitious man who was recently released from prison. After three years in prison, the world around him has changed, but Chester sees many new opportunities. A con man by nature, he plans to get involved in horse racing because it has everything: money, risk, adventure, and the participation of lucky chance.

He meets old acquaintances, makes lucrative deals, and moves toward his goal. But what if Chester is up to something other than getting rich?

Blackpool, BBC

The adventurous and enterprising Ripley Holden dreams of turning around and living the high life. He owns a casino, which he wants to expand and make famous. Holden wants to build a huge casino that would be the envy of Las Vegas.

The project requires a large investment and accommodating investors. But Ripley’s plans and reputation hang by a thread when a murder occurs at his place. The case is investigated by an ambitious and persistent detective Peter Carlisle. The club owner soon finds himself on the list of suspects.

Holden’s weak spot is his family, where his wife, daughter and son are disillusioned with life and tired of each other. 

Las Vegas, NBC

Luxury hotels, colorful streets and alluring casino signs are all about Las Vegas, a city that draws in those who love to party hard for the big bucks. Only not all visitors to Sin City like to play honestly.

It is for such violators of the rules is designed to watch a surveillance team led by strict but fair Ed Deline. Experienced detectives with the help of the latest technology easily find those who prefer to chase easy money.

Sneaky Pete, Amazon Studios

Marius is mired in the world of theft forever. After another stint in prison, he goes free and decides to start life with a clean slate without robbery and fraud. To do so, he needs to get lost among the people. He remembers Pete, whom he knew 20 years ago.

The former buddy lived on a remote farm, which is a great place to lay low. And so it turned out, the grandparents were so old that they mistook Marius for their grandson and even threw a feast for the whole neighborhood. But the world of crime just does not let him just like that. So, the real chase for the transformed Pete began.

The Playboy Club, NBC

The crime drama tells the story of Chicago’s Playboy Club of the ’60s. Pretty girl Maureen has recently taken a job there as a waitress. On her first week on the job, she runs into trouble. A customer shows too much attention to her, a man comes to her rescue, but Maureen, defending herself, kills the rapist.

The man who defended her recognizes the murdered head of the local mafia. It means big problems for the girl. They get rid of the corpse and think about what to do next because the revenge of the mafia is terrible.

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