The best gifts to give your groom before your wedding day

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The tradition of the bride and groom’s gifts may seem a bit old fashioned, but it is a wonderful tradition to begin your new life together. It is important to give your groom a gift that he will be proud to wear both during the wedding and beyond. It should be something that reminds him of you and your commitment to each other, like some of the gifts found at My Gift Stop. There are many choices when it comes to a groom’s gift.

An Engraved Watch

Watches are always good gifts that, if taken care of will last a lifetime. You have many brands to choose from and can customize the watch with your own very special message. The watch does not have to be particularly expensive to last, and the engraving will make it unique. You can add a private joke, message or other special sayings that means something to you both. 

Watches come in all prices, sizes and shapes. You can choose from sports watches, luxury watches, dive watches and many others. Choose the watch that suits his personality and his lifestyle. Make sure you choose the right band when picking the watch. If he is rough on his watches, you might want to go with a metal band, and if he is not but is outdoors a lot, a leather band may be more appropriate. 

A Formal Pen

Although pens might not seem to be a lasting gift, there are plenty of refillable, classic, and timeless pens. Take the Montblanc, for instance. Although the Montblanc is a heavy pen, it is balanced and designed to feel good while you write. Its smooth ball mechanism spreads the ink evenly without skipping or marring. 

Formal pens are an extremely useful item, particularly if his job entails writing or signing documents. You can also order refills to come at specified intervals and have a special message engraved on almost any pen. He can keep it with him to remind him of you while he is at work.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are a very traditional groom’s gift. They are only useful if your groom wears shirts that require them, but they can be monogrammed and personalized. Recently cufflink styles have changed from practical to more interesting and unusual. If you choose cufflinks, be sure to choose a pair that fits his personality.

An Office or Mantel Clock

Clocks are a lasting gift. They stand out in almost every home or office if you purchase the right one. Bulova clocks are interesting and come in both classic and more unusual designs. A good clock can last for decades with proper care. If you want to add a message to the clock, you can add it to the clock face, inside or back. Most clocks are easy to care for and may cost less than others on this list.

Whiskey or Bar Accessories

If your groom enjoys a good drink, there are shakers, stones, and glassware for different types of alcohol. Many grooms use personalized barware, and it is a gift that requires very little upkeep. Although some think this gift to be too impractical, it is a gift that is easily personalized for the occasion. 

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

Although it might not seem like it, a good pair of sunglasses are an excellent groom’s gift, particularly if he spends a lot of time outdoors. Good pairs are rare and often expensive. They are scratch-resistant and durable for outdoor use. Although they may not last as long as other gifts on this list, they will be a constant reminder of your wedding.

A Men’s Locket

Although lockets seem like a women’s gift, there are plenty of lockets made for men. These come in various metals, and you can put anything you like in them. They can contain pictures, locks of hair or something else special to the two of you. You can also have the locket engraved with a special message.

You know your groom best, so don’t hesitate to purchase something personal to him. You want to get him something that will last during your marriage. Make certain that it is something that he will enjoy and use for a long time after the wedding. A groom’s gift is to remind him of you and your wedding day.


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