The most famous casinos superstitions you need to know

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Gambling superstitions are myths or misconceptions regarding online and land-based casinos. These facts have always been around gamblers, especially those with firm beliefs regarding bad fortune and lucky numbers. Even though all of the casino superstitions we reviewed so far have been too easy to debunk, players need to know about it. For your convenience, we found out all the most popular online gambling misconceptions. These myths and superstitions deserve to be refuted to enhance one’s gaming experience. In case you spotted that your gameplay reactions and behaviors changed due to those beliefs, it’s the right time to debunk them. Below you can find a few of the most significant and most delusional virtual casino superstitions of the last years. Check them out.

Lucky and Unlucky Machines

One of the greatest misconceptions any gamblers can believe is lucky and unlucky games, machines, or lobbies. According to this belief, it is more financially convenient to play one game over another due to luck. The same goes for live dealers who are believed to be playing rigged and dirty tricks.

No matter how strong your beliefs are regarding this superstition are, no online casino titles are rigged in 2020. The technology and software deployed to run those games are continually monitored and checked by independent regulators. That means that the industry has progressed considerably to deliver integrity and transparency regarding payouts. From now on, you should better forget about lucky dealers or games since all odds and payout schemes vary, disregarding personal aspects.

Deposit Hoax

Over the last years, online casinos have progressed significantly, offering a top-notch experience. Alongside their development, newcomers to a virtual gambling niche started developing theories regarding sign up bonuses. Some of those theories and superstitions claim that all gambling platforms offering welcome bonuses are rigged not to pay out their users’ winnings. Those players intentionally seek online casinos with no promotions to start their gaming adventures.

This superstition’s underlying flaw is that some gamblers are too lazy to read the casino’s T&Cs. All leading gambling platforms in NZ, including Zodiac Casino, enlist all precise requirements needed to withdraw winnings from a welcome bonus. For more information about this top casino, don’t hesitate to read a Zodiac Casino sign up bonus review. This article will outline all relevant information regarding a welcome bonus there, alongside debunking a hoax regarding “rigged online casinos.”

Lucky Numbers

Another popular superstition that has always been popular is evident for all active players. Of course, we are talking about the existence of lucky numbers. This myth is especially relevant for all table games fans, including Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack. If a player focuses most of the attention tracking all those imagined lucky numbers, gameplay’s quality degrades significantly. Except for an overall decline in excitement you can get from a casino table, you should be aware that no numbers affect casino outcomes.

In other words, betting on “13” or “7” all the time is the same as wagering on “15” or “6.” Since the outcomes don’t change in all games you play, it is virtually useless to count on the so-called “lucky” numbers in your gameplay. Instead of focusing on those superstitions, consider reading more about payout systems used in online gaming titles. Take your time, and get more insights regarding actual gameplay nuances.

Starting High

When it comes to the start of one’s gambling adventure, a common myth is to stick to particular deposit amounts, including $50 or $100. This superstition is tightly associated with the previous one since it relies upon particular numbers believed to boost one’s win rate. What if we say that an exact deposit amount is of no importance for a regular online casino in New Zealand? You can start playing with as few as $5 or cash-in $2,000 to play some high stake Poker.

The rationale behind the reliance upon those numbers is straightforward. Players believe that an exact sum of deposit would help with a fortune in the long run. A significant flaw of this approach is that no particular numbers are regarded as lucky or fortunate. The good news in NZ online casino platforms is that some accept as little as a $1 deposit transaction. It might be problematic to find a balanced and suitable $1 or $2 minimum deposit casino right now. For that reason, experts from CasinoTop can help you make the right choice with their specialized reviews. Don’t hesitate to read those articles to get a clear picture of how deposits work, alongside realizing that $50 or $100 deposit is no more than a superstition.

Honorable Mention: Lucky Symbols

There is a particular category of gamblers who might even engage in online gameplay, still believing in fortunate outfits or specific symbols. For those players, wearing a lucky outfit or bringing a four-leaf clover is a top-notch decision to boost winnings. While such actions could be justified in a land-based casino, online casinos are not the case for wearing a specific outfit or clothing piece.

The way modern slot machines, table games, and other specialty titles work have nothing in common with the way you dress. For that sole reason, expect to have the same payout ratio while holding a four-leaf clover and an ordinary oak leaf. It might finally be the right time to disregard all those superstitions and start enjoying your gameplay.

In a Word

For your convenience, we only mentioned the most popular casino superstitions that still persist in our community. Since each of those myths has nothing in common with how gambling works, being aware of this fact is a must. You should remember that gambling is all about fun, excitement, and unexpected outcomes. Instead of worrying about particular numbers or outfits, better read casino guides or reviews thoroughly. The information you’d find there is undoubtedly more useful than another recommendation about a lucky clever, or a fortunate number.

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