How E-sports is transforming online gaming

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Online gaming basically entails playing of video games using the internet or any form of network connection within reach. Most online games have been known to exist more as communities with lots of followers. The future of gaming has shifted greatly over the years from offline co-op multiplayers to online platforms as gamers have come to see the benefits of online gaming in comparison with playing video games just to kill boredom and time or improve their gaming skills. Some people without the necessary gaming skills may be looking to place bets instead on a betting site with an online game in mind but confusion may set in as to where to locate it, but that’s pretty easy they are referred to as E-sports (electronic sports) in most sites. If so then you’re in the right place. Our focus would be on a particular betting site. Betway esports as it solely regards online gaming.

Betway E-sports is a section under the Betway betting company where one can access online games and place bets on them. Betway E-sports boasts of popular online games and tournaments from League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2 among others and we would consider how they are involved in the transformation of online gaming. Most betting companies have had a big hand in helping push online gaming to the next level with the inclusion of the possible selection of electronic sports, most customers have come not only to place bets on them, but also follow and some are playing too. The points below highlights how Betway E-sports has been at the forefront of aiding the transformation of online gaming and why they are good at what they do.

  • Gaming for money

Isn’t it obvious that the part of the reason online gaming is growing is because it has monetary rewards for competitions held at different levels. This most times increases the passion behind playing a game when you stand a chance of getting a reward. Let’s take a look at last year’s League of Legends world championship where the prize money distributed was well above 6 million dollars and a reported 30 million plus daily views, that’s really very difficult to ignore. With the enormous potential in online gaming people invest in them through E-sports. There are other platforms like Unikrn that also offer e-sporty betting opportunities for those looking to participate in the fun. Having a good look at Unikrn review will give you a good idea of the options available and what to expect.

  • Emergence of E-sports League

Not only bet companies but also gaming giants have begun investing in online gaming due to its followership. With the prospect that online gaming shows, one would notice that game companies now host major tournaments for online gaming with cash rewards. This competition attracts people from around the world and from different online gaming communities.One of such is the collaboration between NBA and 2k Games to produce an e-sport league and of course it’s basketball. Games played in this E-sports League can be accessed on Unikrn. Other game developers would be working on such projects to have such Leagues, maybe also running along the main sports leagues or during the break. If such projects become a reality then one would be sure to find them readily on the Betway E-sports.

  • An active gaming community

As we know, online gaming thrives with a community and even better with an active one.Most times, people who play online games like Overwatch, Call of Duty, belong to an online community where they play together and makes it fun and easier but that’s not all. Sometimes when people place bets on let’s say football matches, they follow the clubs and maybe join chats along the match. If these teams go on to win the matches they may begin to follow these clubs and with time join a community of existing fans. With that in mind and knowing that online games like LoL (League of Legends) and many more which can be accessed on Betway E-sports, have teams competing against themselves and behind them are an active online gaming community also rooting for their favourite teams.

  • Improvement in online gaming

We may have noticed by watching maybe YouTube videos and gamers reviewing games that as they play along during the live stream, they highlight areas or faults in the game which we refer to as glitches. Now online games can be updated maybe weekly or monthly and during this updates, the glitches and faults are worked on by the developers for improvements unlike the video games that once the CDs are bought any possible changes can be done by the next edition or through the internet. The improvement of online gaming then leads to a wide range of options for selection in Betway E-sports this is because there is this competition between developers to always make improvements and maintain a good relationship with gamers.

So we can say that online gaming has come a long way, from the early 2000s till now it has greatly improved in leaps and bounds and one thing is for sure there will always be room for improvement.

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