History and beginnings of casino mobile apps

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Mobile casino platforms, also known as casino apps, appeared on the market not long after smartphones and their app stores did. The big names in the online casino gaming industry immediately understood that the trend would soon point to mobility and immediacy, so they made their best efforts to launch, already in 2008, the first casino apps.

Since those first products that were powered by an Adobe Java or Flash programming language, things have changed a lot. Today there are casino apps that even include live games, and they easily support the most impressive graphics of the different casino games software.

Characteristics of the Different Mobile Casinos according to the Operating System of the Device

You may think that any of the casino apps you use will look the same no matter what device you play on, but the truth is no. Different operating systems can guarantee a different user experience, in some cases positive, and in others negative. Below find out more about the different mobile casinos depending on the operating system of the device you have.

Mobile Casino iOS Compatible

Within the Apple App Store, you can find a wide variety of casino apps from the most popular and professional online platforms on the market, but you can also find other less prestigious apps. The best way to avoid a scam or inconvenience is to play with a reputable mobile casino (we’ll reveal the best ones later).

Android Compatible Mobile Casino

The regulations imposed by Google on its application download service make the process of getting the app from your favorite online 22bet casino more cumbersome. If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, try to download your favorite platform’s casino app, directly from the casino website. This will avoid all kinds of security problems you will be vulnerable to if you download the app from any web page.

The good thing about Android casino apps is that they have a greater offer than the rest of the operating systems; And it is that many young casinos understand that consumers of Android products outnumber consumers of other systems, so they prefer to start by launching their mobile version for Android, and then expand to other platforms as their resources grow.

BlackBerry Compatible Mobile Casino

Despite the fact that there are very few online casinos that have a mobile casino version for BlackBerry, the truth is that there is still hope for users of this type of device. Although the offer is less, many mobile casino slots work without problems on BlackBerry smartphones and tablets; they are generally free to play, but there are also versions where you can play mobile casinos for real money.

Windows Compatible Mobile Casino

The Windows operating system is king in the world of computers, but in the case of mobile devices, the same is not the case. Despite that, there are a lot of people who use this brand’s smartphone and tablet products, and they, too, deserve some fun with casino games like the ones you can find at online roulette sites. For that reason, most online casinos offer an interface that is very well suited to devices with a Windows operating system.

They may request model or version-specific software features for the games to work properly, and if your device doesn’t meet them, you can always contact the platform’s customer service. In general, if there are no casino apps for Windows, you can always play using the browser directly, obtaining an excellent experience.

There are more differences between the player’s user experiences on the computer and mobile than you think.

  • The first difference resides in the accessibility that the bettor has to his favorite games. From the computer, either by the browser or from a desktop app, you may find yourself with a slower loading process; while, from the app, access is immediate.
  • The range of games that you will find on any casino’s main page is much broader than that available in any mobile casino. This difference may change soon, but for now, it is a fact that on the web, you will have access to more online casino games.
  • Betting limits can also be modified depending on the method you use to access your favorite casino. There are casino apps with the same limits as on the web, but there are many others that limit deposits to their players. This is largely due to brand liability policies, as having immediate access wherever you are to casino games can encourage unhealthy gambling practices.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that accessing mobile casino games can consume the battery and the device’s navigation data more quickly. This problem does not occur with online casinos’ desktop versions since they work with the internet and direct energy.

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