Anatomy of the most popular sports for betting at online casinos

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At present, a wide range of sports is available to you on the sports betting sites of online bookmakers or online casino providers. However, some sporting events are more attractive and profitable than others. In this article, we offer you a comparative study of different sports.


Football is the most popular sport in Europe, and it is indeed the case in almost all Latin American countries. It is an exciting sport, but when it comes to betting the going gets tough because there is an endless number of a thing to consider. Rivalries and history between the teams, managerial injuries, reduction of the workforce, presence of decisive players, the sequence of competitions, away or home game, quality of the referee, and the decisive factors are numerous and bet on a football match a perfect knowledge of the chosen championship. You should also know that the more bettors there are, the less bookmakers or online casinos facilitate the chances of winning. However, we already know that football attracts crowds all over the world.


Another very difficult sport to predict and much admired in the United States. However, in the NBA case, you should know that the odds offered will always correspond to the American model, which is not always easy for European bettors. Also, by tradition, in basketball, it is always the team that travels that appears at the beginning of the sports prognosis line. Unlike football, playing away or at home has little impact in basketball, but of course, it will be necessary to consider the injuries of certain players, the playing time and success of the executives, the positioning of the team in the rankings. East and West. Finally, remember that a draw is extremely rare in basketball.


A sport easier to predict than the other two, even if it is necessary to know a series of criteria before starting. At first, the player’s ATP ranking often doesn’t mean anything. In tennis, you don’t change places like in football. Some players remain first or second in the ranking without having played for 6 months due to an injury, for example. Consult the statistics of head-to-head matches between players as this is generally a very good indicator. Also, check the player’s qualities on the respective surfaces (grass, clay… etc.).


Rugby attracts fans to parts of North America where it is culturally very important. It is a demanding sport in terms of sporting prognosis: be sure to follow the progress of the team you support, know the places of the meetings, the strength of the workforce, a little bit like football to tell the truth. Again, there is no point in betting on a draw in this sport, as it very rarely happens in rugby. However, fans of the oval ball like to favor handicap bets by favoring the outsider over the favorite because this is very interesting from a financial point of view.


As with the vast majority of team sports, handball is no exception to the rule: it requires excellent knowledge of the teams, numbers, playing conditions and the schedule that is emerging for each group. Note that we very easily notice the real talents in handball, the players who stand out from the others, because it is a sport that requires perfect endurance, extraordinary technique and, of course, real physical power. Note that not all bookmakers or online casinos offer handball because it is not a very popular sport.


A sport where betting for the favorites is not very advantageous. But the top-ranked players win their showdown nine out of ten times, which promises the player consistent, albeit low, wins. Patient and methodical bettors will opt for boxing for this same reason. Combined bets are probably the most attractive for boxing because they allow you to bet on several possible circumstances, and you should know that anything can happen in combat sports. Almost all the bookmakers generally offer this sport, which is gaining notoriety.


An ultra-American sport, baseball offers particularly interesting odds as long as the match’s analysis on which you want to bet is sufficiently coherent. It is also a sport where the favorites do not always win, and you will have to focus on the qualities of the various throwers, the racing power of the teams, the weather and, of course, the Palmares of the group you want to support. In MLB, all teams are equal despite the existence of favorites as in any sport. It is a sport where individualities can change the course of a meeting, which is why it is essential to be well documented before betting.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is one of the most difficult sports to predict. This is the reason why bookmakers or online casinos offer higher payouts for this motorsport. A driver who leads two laps from the end may well have an accident or the engine of his vehicle set on fire, may run out of gas or get a flat tire and has to make a stop in the box. External factors are crucial in Formula 1. Go for head-to-head bets or focus on a team rather than a driver. It’s a complex sport. You absolutely have to know everything about vehicles, teams, and drivers to claim a victory in this game where the luck factor is still relatively important.


Hockey is a sport where it is rather difficult to bet. On the other hand, it is about a sport very represented on the online casinos’ sites or the bookmakers! Indeed, you will be able to bet on the latter as you see fit. Besides betting on NHL, sports betting sites also allow you to bet on AHL and other games taking place in many countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia. So know how to take full advantage of it!

Horse races

Horse racing is very popular in Switzerland. However, it is one of the most difficult disciplines to predict. So, suppose you want to win money through horse racing betting. In that case, you will have to carry out real investigative work and develop an increased knowledge of this discipline.


Admittedly, cricket is not necessarily the most popular sport in Switzerland and remains especially widespread in the Commonwealth member countries. However, this discipline is of real interest for punters, especially because of the many opportunities to be seized at each meeting. It must be said that cricket is quite simple to analyze, given its tactical side, which represents a boon for discerning bettors. We have therefore decided to present the rules and tips necessary to understand how to make cricket bets!

The E-Sport

Electronic sport or E-Sport is the new trend on sports betting sites. Indeed, this sport born in the 90s, is revolutionizing the world of video game enthusiasts and online betting. E-Sport competitions are now broadcast to millions of Internet users via streaming platforms.

Some of the appeal to bet on E-sports comes from the diversity of games that are there to be offered. An intriguing feature is that who is going to be the winner, is sometimes barely predictable, since it depends on the set of skills that the player or the team has and the type of the game itself.


MMA or mixed martial arts is a booming sport. In fact, millions of fans today follow the performances of UFC fighters, Bellator and One FC. If sport appeared in the early 90s, it is revolutionizing the world of combat sports. Swiss sports betting sites today offer dozens of bets on every MMA match. We show you how to bet on MMA to win and have fun online.

Special bets

Wagering on sports is not enough for you? Be aware that online bookmakers guarantee you an extraordinary variety in the types of events like traditional sabong online betting. Indeed, the latest fashion trend concerns special bets. Isn’t it? They are quite simply opportunities for wagering on cultural ceremonies such as the Oscars, political elections, or even series and TV shows! To not miss any opportunity to earn money, bet on Game of Thrones or, on the name of a country’s future president, by following all our tips!

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