Three reasons to visit Italy this summer

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For some, it’s a hobby, for some a passion. Traveling is definitely a great way to charge your batteries, enjoy beautiful places you’ve never seen before, or come back to place that has never disappeared from your memories. Some traveling destinations remain forever in your heart and these memories never fade away. The country of love, the country of music, the country of long history and rich tradition since the Roman Empire. It’s Italy, a country in the south of Europe on the Apennine Peninsula.

Italy is a country that just never goes out of fashion. No matter how many times you’ve been there, no matter how much love you have for this country, it just never stops the inner desire to visit this country again and again and again. It makes you fall in love the first time you visit it. Having a walking tour around an Italian city is like a time machine traveling through history, enjoying taste Italian dishes, and drinking a cup of cappuccino in the morning. Its culture and history are so inspiring that even Giuseppe Verdi once said “You may have the universe as long as I have Italy”. Here are the top three reasons to not miss visiting Italy this summer.

Italy, the Country of Everlasting Beauties

Italy is the county with the highest number of sites protected under UNESCO World Heritage. Florence, Rome, Naples, are some of the cities with buildings as long as history that speaks about the rich culture and tradition. It’s like a living museum that retells you stories old centuries. Rome has remained the capital city of Italy since the Roman Empire and still remains the political, economic, and tourist center of the country. Some Italian cities are indeed some of the oldest cities in the world. They have still retained their cultural relevance to date. Rome, Milan, Palermo, Florence, Naples, Genoa, are the cities that speak about a long history, retell you the stories they’ve kept for so long just to impress the visitor.

The Gambling History

Literally, every tourist can find something Italy he has always been looking for. Even gambling enthusiasts can enjoy a top-notch gambling in some of the oldest with the most impressive buildings, land-based casinos. Their gambling history traces back to the Roman Empire when it was a popular pastime. Some of the most popular casino games, such as blackjack, originate from Italy. Some online casino sites such as Casimba also feature some of these popular casino games all in one place.

Natural Beauties

Spending time wandering around Italian cities makes you lose some of the real Italian treasures- their villages. This picturesque little places in Italy are equally worth visiting for the peace and tranquility they provide the visitor with. San Gimignano, the Toscana region is surrounded by some impressive villages that offer untouched nature like nowhere else. The northern part of the country has some of the most beautiful European lakes.

The crystal clear waters surrounded by the greenery around the lake is a picture that is forever stuck in your mind. The breath-taking view on the Como Lake, a tourist destination for a VIP holiday, as well as the Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, the Lake Trasimeno, the largest and the prettiest in the region. Italy is full of hidden treasures that every visitor needs to discover.

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