How to play the best Nintendo DS games with ROMs and emulators

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Why are you looking to play Nintendo DS ROMs now that you have the opportunity to play eye-catching role playing games online and traverse all continents using your virtual reality system? Is it nostalgia that makes you long for the days where games were unique and more captivating? Or they are your friends, unconditionally enamored of classic gaming, who convinced you to try out Nintendo DS ROMs on your smartphone or PC? No matter the reason, chances are you’ll appreciate the creations of talented Nintendo game developers once you try them. And you’ll never want to leave the fascinating world of retro console games. 

It’s time to learn how emulators and NDS ROMs can help you play the iconic titles released on the Nintendo DS. No need to buy the now defunct console or visit the Nintendo Game Store to quench your thirst for old-school gaming. Just read the article and embark on the retrogaming quest of your lifetime.

Best NDS Games to Play Today

The Nintendo DS is a handheld that received multiple accolades for its dual touch screen, enhanced performance, and numerous advanced features that made playing games on the go easier and more comfortable. But they are not only technical characteristics that made the Nintendo DS the best selling console. The library of new captivating and extremely fun games rocked the gaming community and made millions video gamers break their piggy banks to buy the coveted device.

Seasoned retro gamers say there’s no such thing as a bad game when it comes to rating classic titles. Take any game published by the NDS and you’ll see that each and every title has its particular charm and unique gameplay. So, there is nothing more difficult than picking out the best titles from the brilliant Nintendo DS game collection. But we’ll try and do the impossible for you.

  • The World Ends With You. This punk teenage Battle Royale immerses you in the atmosphere of unrestrained fun and exciting challenges. You basically play as Sora and Kyrie sharing daily missions with other characters. If they fail their mission, they all get erased. What we particularly like about this original title is the ability to do lots of fun and at the same time eerie things like imprinting thoughts off people’s heads and scan vast areas to fight creepy monsters. And the beautiful comic-book-style work of dialogues and cutscenes contributes to the game’s peculiarity and charm.
  • Elite Beat Agents. It’s a wonderfully funky anime tongue-in-cheek take on the rhythm-game genre. This DS title boasts some extremely popular music from the sixth generation like Madonna’s Material Girl or Avril Lavigne’s Skater Boy that can make so many people nostalgic. Make no mistake, there is some delicious challenge to this game you will definitely want to take up.
  • Contra 4. Missed the quality old-school shoot ‘em ups? We bet you did. Contra 4 DS is damn hardcore in the best way possible. It’s so difficult yet addicting. The game keeps you coming back for more. It’s that spirit of being in the arcade that is hard to recapture nowadays. No wonder, all avid retro gamers who are into pixel art crave to re-experience the primordial revelling with Contra 4.
  • Tetris DS. Many people wonder how it came about that slews of gamers are still eager to play that simple Tetris game. Tetris DS is a fascinating love letter to all fans of conundrums, riddles, and all sorts of brick gaming and Nintendo fans alike. Each game mode is strong enough to keep you going for hours. The multiplayer is also fantastic, while push mode is addicting as hell. But the most awesome thing about this cult DS game is the fact that Nintendo dag deep with the Tetris company to make it so that it’s skinned after Nintendo franchises. Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Yoshi’s Cookies – all the NES and Game Boy Advance games so many people grew up loving and knowing are integrated into Tetris seamlessly. 

There are other tons of other games such as New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, Phantom Hourglass,and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl that are worth your attention. So, if you’re interested in the games we’ve mentioned on our list (and those that we haven’t), go visit the retrogaming websites that offer quality NDS ROMs and get as many games as you want or your emulator can support.

Nintendo DS Emulators

Now that you know where to get the best DS ROM files with your favorite game, it’s about time you downloaded and installed an appropriate DS emulator to run your ROMs. To pick the tool that can help you achieve the best possible emulation experience, familiarize yourself with the list of the NDS emulators compatible with different operating systems.  

Platforms that Support DS ROMs

Currently the emulation market provided you with the tools necessary to play your favorite NDS titles on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.


  • DeSmuMe (also suitable for a wide variety of Game Boy Advance video games)
  • DSemu
  •  Dualis
  •  IDeaS
  • NeonDS
  • No$GBA


  • BGB
  • No$GBA
  • NeonDS
  • DeSmuMe

Mac OS

  • DeSmuMe
  • X432R
  • GBE+
  • NooDS


  • Drastic DS
  • EmuBox
  • nds4droid


  • nds4ios
  • iNDS

Take your pick of the DS game ROMs and emulators, and plunge into the boundless sea of classic gaming.

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