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Sport is a dominant aspect of our culture and there are now more options available than ever before for engaging with it. The growth of the internet has allowed us to enjoy our favorite sports from a huge range of fresh perspectives. Here are our top ways to engage with sport in the online realm.

Online gaming is perhaps the most major development for the popularity of sports online. The FIFA series for example has reportedly sold over 260 million copies across its lifespan. The game continues to go from strength-to-strength with the rapid rise of e-gaming opening the series up to whole new audiences. Tens of millions of people can compete online to qualify for each year’s eWorld Cup tournament which is eventually whittled down to just 32 for the event itself. Last year the tournament was held at London’s O2 arena (a sure sign of its enormous popularity) and was reportedly watched by over 47 million people worldwide. It was streamed in six different languages with the grand final being broadcast across 75 territories by 21 broadcasters.

This is indicative of the international communities which exist around online sports games, with similar events held for series like Madden NFL and the NBA. Whether playing the game or streaming it to watch others, users can engage with fellow sport fanatics and indulge their passion in an online space.

If the ‘real’ thing is more up your street, online betting websites give users the opportunity to bet on the outcome of sporting events. This can give added excitement to sports matches in which the user may not otherwise have had a vested interest, creating a new element of online engagement. Sign-up offers can provide new users with a head-start in getting to grips with placing bets and bonus comparison sites act as a guide to the best offers by state: and there actually are plenty of legal sports betting sites in Pennsylvania to choose from. It provides an opportunity to put your sporting knowledge to good use and prove your expertise.

Community games like Fantasy Football are also an excellent way to engage with real sporting events as they progress. Fantasy sports games involve putting together a team of players using a limited budget and scoring points based on the in-game performance of these players in real-life. These sites allow users to create and join leagues which facilitates a sense of community and friendly competition as friends and co-workers can compete with each other in a test of their knowledge of the sport. It represents a social experience through an online virtual platform and forms a topic of discussion amongst people with a shared sporting passion.

The online sector provides a platform for fervent sports fans to engage with their love for the game. Online sports forums can allow for in-depth discussion with like-minded people, whilst online games can help to build a sense of community around any particular sport. There are more options available than ever before to delve into the different facets and nuances of sport; with fans able to engage through debate or direct involvement in the example of video games. The online realm provides fertile ground for the growth of sporting passions.

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