Sex Education 3° season: when it’s out and what to expect

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Once again the success of the original Netflix series Sex Education confirms the expectations and raises the stakes with a third season, in the light of the number of spectators who loved what seen so far: the second season of Sex Education was released in January 2020 and Netflix, not even a month later, immediately announced the arrival of the third season, through the teaser below.

Sex Education Season 3 Announcement | Netflix

The official release date is not known yet, of course, even because the writing of the third season has just begun. However, many expect a release date that would fall around January 2021. In any case, it is already time to start speculating on how the events of the teenagers represented in the story so far will evolve.

The key point is always the one between Otis and Meave: after two seasons chasing each other always at the wrong time, never finding the mutual feelings together, in the same state, at the same time, the two are now well aware that they like each other. However, they do not yet know that the moment has come, and to spoil the plans at the end of the last episode was Isaac, the boy in the wheelchair, who therefore appears interested in Meave.

Another character who became important is Eric, Otis’ gay friend who now finds himself increasingly capable of understanding his own drives and directing them in the right way. In the second season he appeared as the character most focused on emotional issues and completely detached from sexual ones. The latest evolution would seem to see the possibility that a serious relationship may arise between him and Adam, the son of the school principal.

Also interesting are the implications of Jean, Otis’ mother, who is now pregnant and aware of wanting a story with Jakob. Jakob closed the door at a crucial moment in the second season, but only because he believes that Jean is not yet ready for something more serious. This could soon change.

Among other adolescent stories, it will be interesting to understand the evolution of the relationships between Jackson and Viv (which at the moment seems like a good friendship but which could soon become something more), those between the new lesbian couple composed of Ola and Lily and the painful story of Meave’s mother and her eternal fight against drug addiction and her responsibilities.

All interesting themes, as always seasoned with a lot of irony and a certain explicit rate of sexual topics, a distinctive feature of the series since the beginning. The success continues, so we just have to wait to understand when we will see the third season on the screen.

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