Kenny Rogers: music, love and cinema

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Kenny Rogers is one of the most famous crossover artists to ever exist. He has won the hearts of millions of people across the world with his talent, personality, and creativity. Rogers started off as a singer but later also evolved as a songwriter, actor, record producer, and even an entrepreneur. While at the beginning of his career he appealed strictly to the country music lovers, he soon became everyone’s favorite, with people with different tastes all loving his catchy music. Kenny Rogers has sold over 100 million records worldwide making him one of the best selling artists of all time. His art evolved with him, which is a reason why so many people loved him so dearly for decades.

Career in Music

Even if you don’t recognize this name, you have probably heard at least one of his songs. One of his earlier hits was Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was In), which was a psychedelic rock hit, climbing the charts with ease.


At the beginning of his career, Kenny Rogers was part of the group called The First Edition, which is where his above-mentioned hit, Just Dropped In, came from. But as the time went by he began to take up a leading position in the group getting considerably more recognition and love from his fans than any of the other members of the group. While the First Edition would have more hits over the years to come, the band broke up eventually in 1976, with Rogers embarking on his extremely successful solo career, during which he worked with artists like Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie to name a few.


Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

But still to this day, when people think of Kenny Rogers, they think of the song The Gambler, which came out in 1978 and actually earned the singer his first Grammy. The song was so successful that Rogers ended up developing an entire person around this song’s protagonist and in addition to that, he even got a successful tv series out of it. The main character Brady Hawkes played by Kenny Rogers was a famous ace in casino games, who embarks on a journey to meet for the first time his young son Jeremiah. The series is composed of 5 movies that were released in the 80s’ and the ’90s. These movies brought much bigger opportunities for Kenny Rogers as he started to take his acting career more seriously and started to participate in different projects that were not linked to his singing career either. Over the years, he participated in the NBC Mystery Movie and a feature film Six Pack and Christmas in America.

Entrepreneurship and personal life

As mentioned above, Kenny Rogers was the man of many talents and he also managed to get into the restaurant businesses opening up a restaurant chain called Kenny Roger Roasters together with Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO, John Y. Brown Jr. His career was definitely not the only interesting thing about Kenny Rogers. The singer also had a very turbulent private life, having been married five times and having five children from different mothers. His private life was always put on public display and was always a popular topic for discussion. To this day, he remains one of the most beloved artists of all time.

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