The best noir films about love

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Tired of noisy blockbusters, special effects, and excessive sexuality, and want to fill your evening with romance and naturalness, then you have come to the right place. We have collected excellent Noir movies that can give a sweet fleur of the past. Most of the movies on our list represent the past since Noir genre was the most popular in those times. Each movie from our list shows life and love from a different angle, with its simple problems, passed through the minds of prominent masters of cinema and opening spectators of a new color in black and white cinema. We hope that our list will come in handy to everyone— who wants to spend a couple of evenings together with their significant other watching some plot-oriented movies with some ideas inside. Especially if you are into single parents dating.

Touch of Evil (1958)

This noir film was shot in 1958 by famed director Orson Welles. This is one of the last classic noir movies, but not only this is worthy of attention. The plot component of the film penetrates some mysticism, and its atmosphere is filled with fear. The plot of the movie takes place in America and Mexico, which in principle proves that to create a great movie, you don’t necessarily have to go to a big city, and add spies in cloaks and hats.

Laura (1944)

This noir movie was directed by Otto Preminger in 1944. The plot is based on a novel written by Vera Caspary. It tells about contrasting love stories in which several people are interwoven. And this is not a snotty Twilight. This story is much more interesting, unexpected, and truthful if you will. It was a time when actors didn’t play, those actors literary lived in their character lives, even those who only played supporting roles.

In a Lonely Place (1950)

This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Dorothy Hughes and was shot in 1950 by Nicholas Ray. This picture, in which Humphrey Bogart appears, is related to distrust. The plot tells about a love story that happened between two people on the background of death. And every drop of doubt pushes the characters to the inevitable drama. This movie was certified by the National Film Registry.

Double Indemnity (1944)

In 1944 Billy Wilder filmed his the most interesting movie ever. This is a magnificent, smart film with interesting ideas and plot twists that unleash on the backdrop of cynical love. As in other cases, the main plot was based on the novella of the same name written by James M. Cain. The story tells about the insurance agent who meets a girl from his dreams. Their love develops very fast, and everything seems to be perfect until she makes him kill her husband.

Gilda (1946)

The movie Gilda was shot in 1946 and was a great example of a Hollywood chaotic noir lined up around an incredibly sexy female character. The main character of the film is a swindler Johnny Farrell, who can be saved from the next film thanks to his new friend, the mysterious Balin Manson, who, by the way, is the owner of large casinos and courageous beauties of the Guild. As soon as the personality of Wife Manson becomes known to Farrell, the viewer witnesses a secret love story between Farrell and Gilda. And here dizziness begins, and everything remains is in this tense state until the end of the film.

Two on the road (1967)

Another great example of noir- romantic drama was filmed in 1967 by Stanley Donen. The plot was written by Frederic Raphael, and it tells us about a young couple that is experiencing a crisis not only at the household level but also at the love level. Together, the characters decide to head to the French Riviera to return to the roots of their relationship and give their marriage a second chance. Mark and Joanna traveled, and each time their love went through different trials. They must be sure that they still love each other.

Summertime (1955)

This great movie was made by David Lean. The plot tells about the young and lonely teacher Jane Hudson, performed by the magnificent Katherine Hepburn, comes to Venice for summer vacations to inspire the beauty of this incredible place, to attend all cultural events finally, from her longing. No matter how she tried to enjoy the scenery and culture. The charming owner of an antique store didn’t appear.

Masculin féminin (1966)

Another beautiful movie filled with subtle maximalism of Godard is “Masculin féminin.” Fields is a young poet with leftist views, and he is lonely because of his elitist intellectuality. As for the director himself, in this life, there are two sides to life. “Feminine” is a calm and dimensional existence. Every day, people make purchases, travel, meet friends. All this is a civil life, which he perceives as a service. Inside the young man, there is a passionate desire to become part of the second side, the “masculine” one, which means revolutionary, protesting, lonely, and romantic.

Breathless (1960)

It seems impossible to underestimate the skill of Godard. However, this movie had mixed reviews at the time when it was released. Nevertheless, “Breathless” is an amazing work, and an excellent example of a new wave of cinema, thin, deep, and opaque. Here you have to think, just trying on the images of the main characters on yourself will be insufficient. But, despite the multi-layered Godard’s thoughts, this film is about everyone and everything.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

This great movie was made by Billy Wilder in 1950. Here, creators used a very interesting technique, so their movie begins with a tragic end. So, you already know the end of the whole story. Although you already know the final, the film still remains very interesting. Perhaps the beginning and the end are not such important elements, although without them it is impossible to know for sure if you ever lived.


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