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Interesting texts require an interesting life! Before starting to write a story, the author feels the passion and power to tell it to others. It’s like a volcano, an infinite source of vivid inner energy that leads him or her to create something on a paper without any doubts. The cinema is a source of a never-ending inspiration regardless of your goal. You may dream about writing movie scripts or a critical essay about movies for a thematic website, the rules are similar.

Every plot which will be proposed in this article will give you the chance to find something yours and will give you new feelings and perceptions about how to write well and constantly.

These movies about writing will add bright colors to your mastership and desire to create your own works whether this is an essay for a customer writing service, a movie script or a novel.

The Shadow Dancer (2005)


–  Only a writer gives a form and color to words. Imagine that you paint in oils on a canvas…

– You are talented. You are a good writer. The thing is that you don’t trust your talent. You don’t believe you have something to share with others.

– How did I understand that I founded something to share?

– You just need to believe in yourself.

The magazine’s editor Jeremy goes to Italian province to find a popular writer. The task of his chief is to sign a contract with him. The editor is not always confident in himself and the journey helps him to find his own way. The movie is romantic, gives new ideas and inspires you on doing what you really wish.

La tĂŞte en friche (2010)

LA TETE EN FRICHE ( Jean Becker ) Bande Annonce

To learn is always hurtful, you find holes inside.

The main character Germain had a lot of trauma in childhood. His grown life in a small town is boring and monotonous. But one day he meets 95 years old woman who knocks him out by reading books. This acquaintance is significant and changes everything in his life.

The picture is about true love and life that never late to be started. The main thought is that you never old to write your first story.

Finding Forrester (2000)


The first rule of a writer: write without thinking.

William Forrester, a famous writer, for many years lived in a cloister in his own house. Since his genius novel went out, something broke inside him and he lost the sense of life.

One day, 16 years old Jamal, a talented basketball player bet with his friends. A young man found a mentor in the face of a writer, and they both found friends in each other.

The Book Thief (2013)

The Book Thief Official International Trailer (2013) - Geoffrey Rush Movie HD

The word is life itself. What if your eyes could speak, what would they tell?

Every leaf and bird are alive only because they have a mystical world of life inside.

The word is the only thing that differs from a piece of clay. Fill in all these empty pages with life.

Germany. The beginning of the Second World War. The death is on the doorstep of every house. She starts her storytelling from grief. But in every grief, there is a beam of sun.

Lisel who is 10 years old is exactly like this beam. She knows how to read thanks to her stepparents. The love towards reading fascinates her and in some hard gray days remains the only consolation for a girl. The plot is about a world through the eyes of a child and coming into being of a new personality. It makes you feel that  the yearn to knowledge gives hope in difficult times.

The Muse (1999)

The Muse - Trailer

Learn the rules of communication with a Muse.

The main hero of a script is short on the subtlety of a pen. He can’t sign out a contract and he is desperately looking for a muse. He meets her, but it’s not exactly as he expected.

After the film, you would be inspired to go out of a comfort zone. It consists of the original idea that the Muse is not something that comes as a gift. You must work on it and care about it.

Enjoy viewing!

In short, everything that you can obtain by watching these pictures is that writing good and having a muse requires love and hard work. A good text is an art, but writing is a science and has some strict rules. A human percepts information 80% with vision. As a writer, you have all the instruments to help your reader “see”. Create a dialogue that is interesting for both sides. Don’t take a didactic tone of voice – be equal to your reader. And always believe in yourself. Work with your fears and tell your story to the world.

Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace is an inspiring example of a person who believed in her dreams.  She is a specialist in the study of literature. Since childhood, she wanted to become a writer. Currently, she continues to improve her writing skills daily by creating essays for the websites. And she succeeds to make it the source of her regular income.

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