Useful travel photography tips for improving your photos

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Each place we visit has its own appearance, character, and atmosphere. If you want the photographs of your visited place to be ever-lasting you should capture it with ease.

A well-captured photo, especially if properly edited afterwards, keeps our memories long-lasting it allows us to remember our memories when we enjoy snow falling, first time staring the mountain that we wish to climb, our childhood memories, motherhood, interaction with the wildlife and all that stuff.

Travel Photography freezes all our memories and allows us to enjoy it for years. Each travel destination has its own scenery, feeling, story, history, culture, and peoples. Capturing a perfect shot allow others to have a glimpse of the particular place without ever visiting it.

What is Travel Photography?

Travel Photography is a type of photography that involves capturing the area, people, their customs traditions and culture as well as history. It allows you to have a feeling of the place and has no geographical limits.

Capturing your travels also require you to specialize in it. You should be specialized enough to capture all the aspects of your travel. Most of today’s travel photography styles are derived from early magazines such as National Geographic Magazine while it is the work of the top-notch photographers of the world like Steve McCurry.

Travelling Photography covers a wide range of subjects. It requires you to shoot the subject under the available conditions i.e. low light, inaccurate weather conditions, available climate light photography for capturing the exterior of monuments while you also have to shoot streets while the conditions are very opposing.

You cannot collapse travel photography with other forms of photography like product photography, fashion photography and others. The challenges faced by the travel photographers are great as they have to keep light, weather and other conditions in mind while capturing.

Besides, Travel Photography has also become a way of earning and more and more amateur are moving towards this field and adopting it as a profession earning more with the help of stock photography, photography for magazines, blogging, vlogging, public speaking, projects, and teaching.

Travel Photography Tips

Travel Stuff

Like a soldier is equipped with all the weapons while he is on the battle same is the case with travel photographer. You have to prepare well all of the time for travel photography. Keep your baggage with you also have insurance of it so that in case of losing you can get it back within a short period of time without spending enough money.

Keep your travel bag filled all of the time with the following stuff.

  • Camera
  • Memory Cards
  • Tripod Stand
  • Gorilla pod (if essential)
  • Portable Storage Unit
  • Pocket Size Compact
  • Flash Unit
  • Lenses

One backpack is enough to store all such things. Don’t relocate your entire studio with you while you are on travel. Try to keep your storage short and carry only the essentials with you.

Select the Right Lenses

Picking up the right kind of lens will ultimately aid you a lot in photography. If you have a suitable budget go for the fast zooming lens like 18-20mm or 28-300mm.

Sometimes a focal point is very distant however in large cases it is right in front of you like a variable focal length lens and following through a telephoto is ideal in this case for which you have to opt 70-200mm lens.

Shooting in the right mode

Shooting in JPEG will provide you great flexibility. However, for this several high capacity memory cards should be right in your hands. Freeing up the memory card is best in this case keeping all the stuff on a permanent data storage device like hard disk, or laptop. When you set off on travel shooting several high capacity memory cards should be right in your storage.

Scout Locations

If you are finding it difficult at your desired place just talk to the local tourist information center and ask for their help in such situations.

Explain to them the sort of photography you like, and also check for any fellow photographers or local guides in your area who can show you up with some of the particular sights away from the tourist areas.

Also look at the pod cards to look for more popular tourist’s spots, go through online guides also search for your desired tourist destination online to have some know-how about the place before you physically visit it.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search allows you to come up with more creative travel photography ideas. You can simply use any of the most popular reverse image search tool. You can put your photo there and the tool will help you in this regard.

It provides you with more information about your entered place, it allows you to come up with more creative image photography ideas besides you can also protect your digital photos with the help of this tool.

Research the Location

Before booking the travel agreement investigate the place little to find out more about the country, city or town their traditions, celebrations, national holidays as well as gala style celebration. Visit during such times will provide you a great photographic opportunity and pave your way for the documentary type style shoot.

Use your Work well after your trip ends

When your trip ends consider what to do next with the images. You could compete in a travel photography competition. You can upload your images on a stock site and can earn revenue from there.

You can outreach magazines, tourism guides as well as websites to get your work published there. Besides you can also use these images to avail discount or free stay for your next visit. You can contact hotel manager in this regard and can sell them up promotional photos.


We have discussed the useful travel photography tips to bring an ease in your photos. Besides we have also discussed all the stuff needed on a travel. We provide you with creative ideas to come up with great tips for improving your travel photography.


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