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They say that music is the art form that most succeeds in triggering emotions, transmitting mood and at the same time communicating a message, often forming a bond between the listener, the musician and the song itself. They also say that music (especially rock) is the medium in which it’s most often possible to hide secrets: life stories, elements of fantasy, anything that the authors have inside themselves but that was perhaps not always supposed to be expressed. The things we care about most are those we want to keep to ourselves, without having the obligation to explain them to a stranger, a critic or a fan.

Every great rock masterpiece has a story to tell. Sometimes that story is true, confirmed, provable. Other times we talk about hypotheses, legends, speculation and rumours. Discovering the truth can be interesting, but the whole spectrum of stories surrounding the masterpieces we love includes stories that are not always 100% verifiable: perspectives that are shrouded in mystery, somewhere between reality and interpretation, yet crucial to the quest to capture the secrets of the most important rock works.

Auralcrave’s stories for the open-minded have exactly this purpose: to extend the pleasure of enjoying art with the elements that enrich the experience; a process that goes beyond the strict need to distinguish between the true and the unverified. When we talk about art, and especially when we talk about the art we are in love with, to know if what excites us the most is true or only in our imagination is no longer relevant: art wants to consume us, to take us into a world of its own, where what is true may no longer be relevant, because it is what we see that is the true reality. It is a refuge from the banality of the real world, where the contours are always perfectly defined and the possibility of exploring beneath the surface is denied to us.

Art is our world, and nobody can take it away from us. Music is the dimension in which we want to get lost when we need to escape the real world, and the last thing we need is someone reminding us that what we perceive in this or that masterpiece is a simple subjective interpretation.

Many of the stories that you will read in this book are true and confirmed by the protagonists themselves. Others lack this irrefutable proof. We won’t tell you which ones belong to one category and which to the other: we suggest you just leave this detail out for a moment and enjoy the journey. It is a journey through the stories and the meanings of the rock masterpieces you love most, a journey where what matters is what excites us, and nothing else. That’s Auralcrave’s spirit, and there is nothing better when appreciating art.

Mama Mia Let Me Go!
A journey through the most intriguing lyrics and stories in rock music

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