Five fun things to do in Japan in 2019

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If you are heading to Japan for a vacation this year, you may be wondering what to do when you get there. Here are just a couple of ideas to get you started.

5. Experience the art in Naoshima

Naoshima is a town located on an island in the Kagawa District of Japan. It has been dubbed “Art Island” due to the numerous contemporary art museums and art installations hosted there. The combination of art and the island’s stunning natural beauty attracts tourists from all over the world.

4. Attend the Rugby World Cup

Sports fans heading to Japan between September and November 2019 are in for a treat as the Rugby World Cup is being hosted in the country. Reigning champions New Zealand are favourites with many bookmakers ahead of England, who are looking for their first win since 2003. A total of 12 venues across the country will host matches including the 72,327 capacity International Stadium in Yokohama.

3. Eat and drink at an izakaya

An izakaya is a typical Japanese bar that also serves food. It is where the locals go to socialise with family or friends after work in a buzzing but relaxed atmosphere. The variety of food is huge so you should always find something to your taste. The dishes are usually ordered to be shared, drawing comparisons with the traditional tapas bars in Spain.

2. Stay in a ryokan

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Get an authentic feel of Japanese culture by spending a night or two in a ryokan. These traditional style inns give a real taste of tradition from the moment you walk through the door. Remove your shoes, don your yukata (robe) and enjoy tea served in the traditional way before plunging into an onsen (hot spring) where correct bathing etiquette should be observed.

1. Witness a matsuri

Japan is famous for its numerous festivals known as Matsuri. They often consist of spectacular and colourful street processions featuring music, singing and dancing. As well as watching the incredible displays on the passing floats, you can also sample some of the local street food from the stalls filling the surrounding streets and alleyways. Matsuris are held throughout the year at different locations all over Japan.

These are just five things you can do on your trip to Japan this year. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be sure to have an incredible time in this beautiful and fascinating country.

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