Three ways to spend your summer exploring spirituality

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Spirituality is such a broad term and means so many things to different people. One thing that is important to note about spirituality is that it doesn’t require religious roots. It’s open to everyone and can bring a wealth of benefits to every person too. This summer, aim to open your mind, gain clarity and get to know yourself, with as many of our simple suggestions as you can.


This practice has roots in India and has been prevalent in Buddhism and Hinduism throughout time. Today, it is promoted as something to help stress and anxiety or clouded minds and to help people feel present, regardless of whether you identify as religious or not. To explain simply, meditation is the art of taking control of your own state of mind through deep concentration, acknowledging the thoughts that come along and learning to calm them, with the eventual aim of finding inner peace and clarity. It can take a long time to perfect, but even having a go could help you feel this calm, or at least help you sleep on a restless night. There are a few good apps to help curious people try meditation, like Headspace.

Clairvoyant readings

When we think of psychic readings we often assume they relate to predicting the future. But you can get so much more from a reading than simply testing how accurate this prediction can be. Clairvoyant readings allow you to talk about emotions and insecurities in a one-on-one safe space. It is often more what you take away from the reading and what the reader says about you than it is about focussing too much on future events. Clairvoyance means ‘clear vision’, and trusted psychics are very intuitive people; their understanding of you has so much potential value for your own personal growth. Noticing how you react to someone’s comments about you reveals the traits you want to have, and you can then build on that, using the reading to look inside yourself, and aim to better yourself as a person.


Most people will have at least heard of yoga, but don’t necessarily know whether it’s a fitness class, a meditation class, or both. This confusion is completely understandable because it does move on a spectrum of those things, depending totally on the type of practice, the teacher and a few other factors. There are classes aimed more towards fitness, flexibility and stretching, but there are also many spiritual practices, where the teacher guides the class to be present, grateful and calm. Yoga focuses on the breath, concentrating on which helps control distracting thoughts. Each position is held for a certain number of breaths, and you can learn and experience a connection and understanding of your body that another fitness class would not provide. Have a look on YouTube, apps or at your local gym or yoga centre, and see what kind of class could be a perfect one for you this summer.

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These activities could be the perfect way to do something for yourself this summer. Yoga enables an understanding of the body, clairvoyant readings help you to explore your mind, and meditation brings you close to your soul. They all exist to promote happiness, self-confidence and peace, so what could you possibly stand to lose?

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