Behind the beauty of Breaking Bad’s soundtrack

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The soundtracks are the pillars that contribute to making a TV series or a film memorable. In the case of Breaking Bad, since the very beginning, the choice of songs and music was just perfect for every situation.

Here you’ll find six songs that let you study Breaking Bad from a musical point of view. Six works that create a perfect alchemy with the associated scene. Like a chemical formula. From the folk-rock/flamenco of Rodrigo y Gabriela to the reggae of The in Crowd, passing through America’s A Horse with no Name, one of those tracks that all TV series should have in the soundtrack. Music, in Breaking Bad, provides the special touch. Like the blue color of Heisenberg’s methamphetamine.

Who’s Gonna Save My Soul – Gnarls Barkley

Breaking bad tribute (who's gonna save my soul)

Well, the title says already everything. Jesse and Walter look back, towards a past that will never return, and their are hoping for salvation. Nobody know how that would happen, with which methods, but salvation is what is needed.

A Horse With No Name – America

America - A Horse With No Name (Breaking Bad) ft. Bryan Cranston ( lyrics )

What do you think about when you listen to this song? A long journey by car, alone, in the desert, whistling and singing. And all of a sudden: “Good morning officer. Something wrong?”

The Hole – Glen Philips

Glen Phillips-The hole (Breaking Bad)

Why use two plastic containers when you have a whole bathtub?

Bonfire – Knife Party

Breaking Bad S05E04 "New Car Scene" (MUSIC Knife Party - Bonfire)

Finally that old car is gone. Time to celebrate.

Negra y Azul (Heisenberg Song) – Los Cuates de Sinaloa

One of the most iconic songs of the series, a real hymn to Heisenberg, to the new boss of drugs.

El Paso – Marty Robbins

Breaking Bad - El Paso "Felina"

A mysterious man returns home and receives a kiss. He’s going to meet his fate. It will be sad, but he will be in the arms of his beloved.

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Let’s close this overview with few words about the intro.

Breaking Bad Intro

A very western sound, sometimes spicy, introduces one of the most successful TV shows ever. Symbols that come together to form the periodic table, highlighting the chemical formula that will start everything: C10H115N, the formula of Methamphetamine. A simple, straightforward intro.

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