Quarry, Super Arcade: an album conceived in a special place

A warehouse filled with old pinball machines and arcade games where a musician installed a recording studio and threw himself into writing songs and running sound experiments. That’s how Super Arcade was conceived: a very special environment to make a very special record. This place inspired the title and set the mood for the new album of the London-based indie-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Tolomeo, also known as Quarry now.

“For a musician, a place to make music is a continuous journey in unexplored galaxies, it’s freedom, it’s shelter. Making the record in such a strange place was necessary to stop time and detach myself from the unnecessary things of this age. I realized that I wanted to express the value of awkwardness. When I think about the invasion of bloggers of nothingness, talent shows, false myths and ephemeral notoriety, I get comfortable with being out of place and out of time.”


On this album, tracks like Everything And Its Opposite and the titular cut create a surreal picture of digital monopolies and their algorithms which influence every aspect of our existence, while Haters Online and Firefighter target social media and the border between virtual and real. Elsewhere, Man With The Scars“ pays tribute to David Bowie, and the visionary ballad Sweet Alien On Creamy Skis celebrates those who still believe in a (real) turning point on the road to peace on the planet.

But no matter how heavy or sarcastic a subject is, the music is infectious throughout, combining slashing guitars, distorted bass lines and steady beat with melodic hooks, because Quarry is a firm believer that a right 3-minute song can change someone’s life, and you can’t go wrong with an alternative pop-rock confection, if it’s deliciously dirty and punchy.

And if the environment was playful, lyrics are just the opposite: profound anf full of meanings, able to investigate the hidden aspects of today’s life, from the point of view of a spiritual artist who can read between the lines.

Man with the scars
They’ve stolen your stars
There’s no more need to stay awake
To paint all the sides

Quarry – Man With The Scars

On most of the Super Arcade numbers, Quarry played all the instruments, but he’s going to return to the stage to perform with his band in various European venues in the Spring and in America in the Summer.


Vittorio Tolomeo debuted as a solo artist in 2010 with Prize Day (Morada Records/Audio Fidelity), which lent its title to the future Quarry’s ensemble, PRIZEDAY. The band released an album titled Apps Will Grow Like Feathers through New Zealand’s Do It Records in 2014 and toured across Europe and in the U.K., where the collective not only played to the crowds of The Great Escape Festival but also opened a number of Arthur Brown’s concerts. Their short film War Zone including five songs of the album was showcased at Cannes film Festival.

Super Arcade
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