The most cursed films ever made in Hollywood

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Maybe you don’t personally believe in curses, voodoo rites and spells. But those who had something to do with the following films have prbably a different opinion.

The Crow

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The Crow, one of the most famous cursed movies ever made, was marked by the tragic death on set of Brandon Lee, protagonist and son of Bruce Lee.

On March 31st, 1993, just three days before the end of filming, the actor was killed by an accidental gunshot during a scene. Those who blame the production of the movie, unable to control what was going on during filming, are not totally wrong: someone inserted in the gun some real bullets without gunpowder, and those were fatal for Brandon Lee. Legend has it that behind Brandon’s death there was a criminal organization (the same one who murdered his father twenty years earlier), or even worse the curse of the Lee family (partially told in the movie Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story).

The Exorcist

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It’s one of the scariest movie ever made and his curses were already in a story we already told you. The Exorcist was marked by several accidents and deaths, which touched most of the cast: the actorsValisiki Maliaros e Jack MacGrowan died shortly after the end of the filming, as well as the grandfather of Linda Blair and the brother of Max Von Sydow, and at least nine other persons of the troupe died in mysterious and violent ways.

The Omen

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The first death related to The Omen (1976) took place even before the first take: the son of Gregory Peck (protagonist of the film) committed suicide two months before the beginning of filming. When they finally started, strange things were happenings: the plane on which Gregory Peck was travelling was struck by lightning, and the same happened few days later to the author of the book, David Seltzer; The Green Park subway station in London blew up just as the crew was going there; the director Richard Donner was hit by a car while he was going for lunch; the plane rented for the scenes crashed just shortly after take off, killing the pilot and even his wife and his children, hit by the same plane while driving.

Among the various incidents, the most shocking was the one happened to John Richardson, the director of special effects and the author of the decapitation scene on photographer Keith Jennings: while he was in a trip to Belgium with his girlfriend he had a frontal accident, in which the woman died decapitated. In addition to the horrible show he saw once he woke up, Richardson read on a sign: “Je bent weg van Ommen 66.6 km” (you are 66.6 km far from Ommen 66.6 km): we don’t need to focus on the 666 (the number of the Devil) and that particular assonance with the Dutch town Ommen…

The Conqueror

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The Conqueror, released in 1956, was one of the biggest commercial failures of Hollywood, despite having John Wayne at the peak of his career. The curse of that movie took place after the release: the director Dick Powell died of cancer in 1963; in the same year Pedro Armendariz committed suicide after entering the terminal phase for the same illness; John Wayne, Agnes Moorehead and Susan Hayward died of cancer in the 70s. To cut it short: until 1981, 91 out of the 220 members of the cast and the crew had a cancer, and 46 of them died.

The film was filmed a hundred miles away from an area where atomic tests were taking place and for years this was considered the cause of this sort of cancer epidemy: usually, however, this kind of diseases is attributed more to lifestyle (Wayne and many others of the cast were smoking a lot).



Don’t try to recall it, because Atuk was never releases and this means already something: his screenplay is considered cursed because nobody ever managed to turn it into a completed movie. The first one who tried was John Belushi, but an overdose killed him in 1982.

A few years later, Sam Kinison tried again to make the movie, even filming some scenes, but a fatal car accident ended his life and the new production of Atuk. In 1994 John Candy was involved, but before he began filming the actor was struck by a heart attack. The curse of Atuk hit also a close friend of Candy’s, Phil Hartman, who was murdered by his wife while reading the screenplay of the film. When in 1997 also Chris Farley died of an overdose while negotiating the protagonist role, Hollywood decided to abandon the project and never think about it again.


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