Mad About You: behind the meaning of Hooverphonic’s song

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Those strings. Those string at the beginning can mislead you. But afterwards the drums take over, and there you really start to understand. This song starts like love does: a melancholic melody at the beginning, the sweet notes of the violin, those light emotions floating in the air. But then again, drums come. That the determination “despite of”, the wish to go on “even if”.

This is what Geike Arnaert, Hooverphonic’s voice, seems to sing us. The force in the dark side, in the sinister side of love. The force that arrives when the strings stop, when they are eclipsed by the rhythm, when they remind the reality that bursts in: breaking the chains, pumping the blood, striving to go on.

Driving in the wrong lane
Trouble is my middle name
But in the end I’m not too bad
Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you

Geike seems to give up. Abandoning herself to a love that most likely doesn’t match the serenity she expected. A sort of aware gamble, an oxymoron that explains what happens when rationality surrenders to emotion. In that silent promise of a happy drift, trying to not be surprised when the waves of risks and pain arrive.

That’s the sinister side of love. The one which makes you still believe in it, lets you sacrifice once again your rationality in the name of the optimism. For the beauty of love.

That’s the sea we usually choose to sail.

What is your sea?
What is your gamble?

Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed,
Into never seen passion, never seen passion
That is why I am so mad about you

Mad about you

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